Top Garden Trends For The Post Pandemic World

Appreciation for our gardens has grown drastically over the past year and a half. With rules and regulations of lockdowns preventing us from hosting parties or having friends over inside, those who have the privilege of an outdoor space have been forced to make better use of it. This has only led to us getting more used to hosting friends and family outdoors, even in harsher climates. So, what sorts of trends are we now seeing that you should consider for your garden?

Inside Out
Bringing the party outside has brought with it some ambitious projects from people around the country. Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve seen everything from garden office pods to lovely outdoor cinema setups. Whatever it is you’re using your garden space for, add a bit of quirkiness to the area with some waterproof furniture, including sofas and even outdoor rugs. Creating an entire living room outside may seem decadent, but you’ll be prepared for any future lockdowns or garden parties.

Fixed Cooking Area
Who doesn’t enjoy a cookout? Whether it’s a traditional barbeque or even a cook it yourself-style setup to entertain guests, consider having an area dedicated to food. Fixed in place barbeques or even an authentic pizza oven will add a great focal point for your garden and will wow visitors. 

Beat The Elements
Staying warm and dry is always a challenge for Brits at all times of the year. Our summers get barraged by unexpected rainfall, and cold spells can catch us completely off guard—in recent years it has snowed in May shortly after everyone was walking around in shorts. When you’re looking to keep permanent or semi-permanent fixtures out in your garden, this can cause some concern. Keep everything that needs to stay protected from the rain safe underneath a waterproof cover or shelter. Visit Nationwide LTD to see their range of awnings to find one that would be suitable for your setup. There’s a great variety of options, from free standing awnings to ones that can be attached to your property. Not only are these great for shielding you from the rain, but they also provide shade during those overwhelming heatwaves.

Luxurious Lighting
Having good lighting can completely change the look and feel of your garden. Spotlights in the ground can draw attention to features of your garden that may not stand out as much from sunset. Warm, subdued bulbs are perfect to shine a subtle hue over your seating areas, and you can even get creative with the ever-popular fairy light. Border the area with these string lights, or you can even use some net lights to block off an area for added privacy. There are so many things you can do with outdoor lighting, so put plenty of thought into this step to help your garden pop.

This may sound messy, but it’s very important to think about. Being conscious of the environment is a great trait to have, and there’s no reason we can strike a balance between tidy and wild. Rewilding our gardens is becoming much more popular as people are starting to take note of the positive impact of native and untouched natural space. A rewilded plot will provide food, shelter, and water to a surprising number of creatures, which in turn only benefits the surrounding environment. But this area doesn’t need to look untidy. Enclose your rewilded space with obvious borders and show purpose with your placement of plants.