Top 7 Must-visit Movie Locations In New Zealand

There’s always something new to see in the world, no matter how much you’ve seen. Talk of cruising the world’s waterways, flying to remote islands, it is always worth the sacrifice. But you might want to grab a map when it comes to taking a breathtaking leap into New Zealand.

You might have watched a lot of New Zealand’s beautiful islands, hills and mountains, and rivers in movies without knowing.

Interesting Facts About New Zealand

New Zealand is on the Southwestern parts of the Pacific Ocean, straddling two islands. Studies reveal that the country was named after Zealandia, a continent submerged in the Pacific. The country’s capital city is Wellington, and the country is popularly known for rugby, which is also its national sport. The National team is known as All Blacks.

The country has experienced steady growth since its independence in 1907, with a population mark of over 4million. Interestingly, only an average of 16 people lives within a square kilometer, thus making it great for movie sets.

Here, volcanoes and glaciers are prevalent, and its amazing lakes in the south are prominently featured in Lord of The Rings Movie. Wellington plays hosts to Mt Victoria, a delighting sight upon landing and the Te Papa Tongarewa, a big museum in the capital city. These prominent features make it a top destination for movie filming.

Movie Lovers, Travelers, and Film Directors Delight

People from all walks of life troop in to see the fantastic scenery in New Zealand, yearly, especially the Tongariro National Park.  Most people love to see the locations they’ve seen on screen foremost, as the country boasts of many world-class movie directors, who filmed some of the most-watched films in the world. It also houses impressive film production houses, posing an excellent opportunity for aspiring movie stars.

Some Must-Visit Movie Locations

New Zealand’s low-lying latitude of -52.610 and some places as low as -29.240, makes it one of the coldest places on the planet. According to geography assignment experts, temperatures may drop as low as -22 degrees Celsius (last recorded in Orphir), and the highest recorded at 47 degrees Celsius. 

However, the weather changes can’t stop you from enjoying its top tourist attractions, as long as you have the right clothing for vacation.

Take a look at ten must-visit movie locations in New Zealand. 

  • Oreti Beach

Oreti beach is a few kilometers from Invercargill, a bustling city in New Zealand. It is a highly sought movie location and the Movie; World’s Fastest India was shot here.

  • Mount Sunday
 Top 7 Must visit Movie Locations In New Zealand

Mount Sunday is a hilly area in the middle of the Rangitata River Valley plateau. It is one of the scenes you will see in the Lord of the Rings.

  • Mount Taranaki
 Top 7 Must visit Movie Locations In New Zealand

Mt. Taranaki played host for a substantial part of the filming of The Last Samurai, although named Fuji Mountain in the movie. Location managers and movie directors use Uruti valley. 

  • Flock Hill
 Top 7 Must visit Movie Locations In New Zealand

The Chronicles of Narnia was shot on the Flock hill, and it remains a favorite location for movie directors and managers.

  • Paradise
 Top 7 Must visit Movie Locations In New Zealand

Another excellent movie location is Paradise. Its captivating sights located in the Southern Lakes. The movie, Hobbit Trilogy had some scenes shot here.

  • Tapanui 
 Top 7 Must visit Movie Locations In New Zealand

Tapanui, a small island town with a population of about 900 people, was used in the movie Pete’s Dragon. It was named Millhaven in the film.

  • Pelorus River

A town in the Northern ends of New Zealand’s Southern Island has several movies filmed here. The Hobbit is an example.

  • Lyall Bay
 Top 7 Must visit Movie Locations In New Zealand

Remember the scene in King Kong: Skull Island where the dinosaur runs? This surfing bay in the Miramar Peninsula is where it was shot. 

  • Rotura Redwood Forest, North Island

Another interesting site for hikers that have been featured in several movies is the Rotura Redwood forest. More attractive is its geothermal sites.

  • Battle Hill Farm Forest Park

Only an hour’s drive from the capital, a popular cycling spot and camping site. It is one site you don’t want to miss.


New Zealand is famous for rugby, tourist attraction, and other reasons. Its reputation as a top filming destination isn’t one to overlook either.