Things to Consider for Good Street Photography

With all this technology available and the mobility of photographic equipment comes a new tribe of artists from the flash, street photographers. They can be compared to wanderers and go around the city taking pictures and making films of people, animals, objects and nature itself. A firm example is that life without planning or control and allowing everything in nature to bring spectacular results.s

However, there are a number of things to consider before heading to the street photography section, such as equipment, location and also the right way to take photos, the main points of this effort. For this reason, I will include some of the following to consider having good street photos and some important tips on how to improve your results with these photos.

Street photography equipment 

Like your vacation trip, for example, a lot of luggage can be a problem when we talk about street photography. As I said before, street photographers have to move constantly because you never know where the best photos will appear, let alone how far you have to go to reach them. In this way, you will not want a stack of luggage and equipment to carry on your back, but it also has to ensure the minimum required to achieve good street photography. So how do you decide what you should or shouldn’t take?

For novice photographers, who don’t have a lot of equipment, the answer might be simple. However, for those who are more experienced or those who are familiar with the photo studio which consists of thousands of reais, this is a dilemma. A good tip for solving this question is to try to anticipate, at least on paper, what you want to photograph and bring enough photographic equipment to carry out this project. Of course spontaneous scenes may appear for your street photography, but most of the time your camera and standard lens will handle the message, don’t forget to add some additional lenses, batteries and SD cards to the backpack, they can be your safety at some point. The rest will be solved with practice and lots of creativity!

Don’t shoot everything

The road, in my opinion, is a good source for good shots and recordings, filled with things that are visually stimulating, where everything looks interesting, especially in a place you’ve never visited before. This wealth of scenery and images can lead you to take photos that initially look interesting, but then you will realize that it’s just a waste of time. The best way to avoid wasting your hours and equipment and remember that both are very limited in street photography, is to find pleasure in all the photos that will be taken. Don’t press the shutter in panic as desperation, analyze the scenery and wait a little, the best angle or scenery sometimes ends a few seconds later, only having a little patience.

Urban art value

One of the most interesting things in street photography is urban art, people are too busy to observe big centers and some things always go unnoticed. The big advantage of being a street photographer is being able to see what nobody knows and use it as art in your next photo. However, urban art is not limited to arrogant graffiti and decoration, perhaps in the place you least expect. For example, reflective structures found in car windows and home windows bring great effects to your photos and will attract the attention of viewers at your next exhibition, making them fix their eyes to see the true purpose of the street photos.