Some Amazing Hacks to Style a Hair Bow

If you want to accomplish a sweet and lovely girl look, then the hair bow is where you should get started.  Bows have been a fashion trend for some time now, and you have probably come across bags that have it on them. It is not only limited to bags and hair, but also bows have been used to accessorize shoes and clothing. If you have come across any of those you can attest to just how lovely they look. How about you get immersed in this lovely trend using your hair? It is achievable. All you will need is the following fantastic guide on how to style it.

  1.    To make it appear neat, you can start with washing your hair. If our hair is thin, you could use shampoo that adds volume and after use cold air to dry it. You will find that you will get your hair some volume: which will also make everything more comfortable for you when it comes to styling your bow.
  2.    Your hair is sparkling clean, right? Well, it is time to get started. At this [point, you should carefully gather your hair on the top of your head. If you want to get a neat bow, use a nice comb that will not leave strays. Make a ponytail on the top of your head and secure it using an elastic hair band. Remember that at times ponytails could cause your hair break especially if you do not use the right hair tie. Ensure that the tie you are using is coated with cloth. That way you will protect your hair.
  3.    Once you have your ponytail well secured, loop your hair into the tie. Once you have the loop at the end now pull it through, however, be careful not to pull it all. All you are required to do at this point is to make a loop. The ends of your hair should then be made to point towards your forehead.
  4.    Once you have your nice loop, you will need to divide it into two.
  5.    You now have your two loops. Great! Now, remember the ends of your hair that you left pointing to your forehead? Put them back to work. Take the ends and fix them into the two loops that you made after partitioning the full one. The center will now act as the knot to the bow.
  6.    You now have ends in the elastic. To ensure that what you have done so far does not fall apart, you will be required to secure those ends at the back of your head, that is, behind the bows.
  7.    All you are left to do now is some finishing touches for your lovely bows. You can make them fluffy and also tag them to make them tighter. Done!

Bows go a long way in giving you that feminine look that you could rock on any occasion. There is no better way of looking feminine and stylish at the same time. The beauty of making bows is that you have so many ways to style them. You could make a low bun, a high one, a braided bun, a low bow bun, a loopy one and so on. You could play around with the style to add some life to it. It may look complicated but as you have seen it is a style that will make you look lovely using very little energy. Provided you have hair long enough to fix a bow; you can make it anytime.

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