Slip-and-Fall Accidents: Dos and Don’ts

Slip and fall accidents refer to an accident where you slip, fall down, and hurt yourself. In the United States, 10%-12% of annual deaths result from slip and fall accidents, and this rate is higher across other parts of the world. They can happen anywhere, including the store, at work, or even at home. Some of the causes of slip and fall accidents include distraction, lousy weather, and negligence, among other things.

Fortunately, if the cause for your slip and fall accident is negligence, then you are in a position to file a claim that might lead to financial compensation. Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents are very difficult to prove. As such, you need to hire a good law firm to represent you.

Because of the many variables at play, here are crucial dos and don’ts to ensure that the claim sticks.

Slip-and-Fall Accidents: Dos

Report the incident to the property manager or supervisor, or whoever is in charge, depending on your location. Ensure that the person you report to fills an incident report because you need proof of the accident, and your word is not enough. It is also vital to obtain a copy of the incident report. This report will serve as evidence if you decide to file a claim.

Another step to take in a slip and fall accident is to ensure that you go to the hospital regardless of whether you believe that you are injured. It is essential to go to the hospital even without visible injuries to treat or rule out any internal injuries. Ask the doctor for copies of the reports on their findings. They are vital when you decide to file a claim because they act as part of the proof of injury. 

Smart devices are also essential in such situations because you need to take pictures of the incident and where it occurred. To win a claim, you have to prove negligence, and these pictures are one of the best ways to show that the slip and fall accident was because those in charge did not take proper precautions to ensure safety.

Another step to take is to get an eyewitness who will testify on your behalf if the case proceeds to trial or if the evidence you collect does not convince the judge or insurance company. The most important thing to do in a slip and fall accident is to ensure you contact a good law firm like to represent you.

Slip-and-Fall Accidents: Don’ts

Do not talk to the owners or representatives of the business, or hire outside help of a private investigator after the accident. Just ensure you get a copy of the incident report.

Do not ignore any sign of injury. Go to the hospital, visible injuries or not. You must ensure that you do not admit fault. Anything you say after the incident might be termed as admitting fault.

In this era of social media, those around you will probably take videos and pictures and post them all over social media. As the victim, refrain from posting any photos or videos of the incident on social media. Wait until you settle the claim before you talk about it publicly.

The most important don’t is to ensure that you do not say anything without discussing it with your lawyer. Do not record any statements without advice from your lawyer.

Were You in a Slip and Fall Accident?

In case you’re in a slip and fall accident, it is essential that you report these incidents because of the damages they bring. You might end up spending so much on hospital bills, yet, you could have filed a claim to ensure that the cause of the slip and fall was due to negligence, and those responsible should pay for the damages.

The most crucial step is to get a copy of both the incident report and hospital records, and hire a reputable lawyer to help if you decide to file the claim. What you say after the incident can easily make or break your case. Ensure you do not admit fault or post anything on social media before settling the case. Slip and fall claims are often hard to prove, but with these dos and don’ts, the chances of you getting your settlement increase tremendously.