Simple Improvements to your Bathroom without Spending a Fortune

Sometimes things just needs a facelift. It could be your bathroom is old, poorly designed or dingy. Maybe you just want a change. You can do-it-yourself with these simple bathroom hacks to change the look of your bathroom without seriously effecting your budget. In addition to all the online DYI resources available out there, here’s our short list of must-know DIY tasks:


Simple changes to the fixtures in your bathroom can change the overall look. It also only take a little shopping and a half day of work.

  • Showerhead – Nothing is better than a hot shower, of course this has more to do with your water heater than your shower head. You can try to do the water heater improvements yourself but that’s something I would rather leave to the professionals. The options for your showerhead are numerous. You can use a low flow head and save on your water bill. Then there is the option of the waterfall head which is large and place also directly overhead. Other options include hand held option or combo hand held with stationary heads.
  • Sink Hardware – A quick solution to sink hardware is a good cleaning. A sparkling fixture is always better than a dingy one. A screwdriver and some vinegar can make your sink shine again. Replacing this fixture is also a simply DIY once you chose hardware you love.
  • Handles – Often overlooked, spending a few bucks on new hardware for your drawers and cabinets can instantly update an outdated bathroom. You can look for something sleek and understand or go nuts with something colorful and outrageous. Either way the easy change will dramatically impact your aesthetic.
  • Lighting – Brighten up a dark bathroom by cleaning the fixtures or adding lighting around the mirror. You can also ambience to a bathroom by changing the lighting. Is your bathroom your oasis during bath time? Consider switching your lighting to make it more relaxing.


A coat of paint changes everything. For a nominal price you can completely change the vibe in your bathroom. The kid’s bathroom can become an undersea adventure with almost any shade of blue. You can turn the half-bath into a romantic little throwback with jewel tones. The options are endless. Be daring with wild shades of red or play it safe with classic white shades. Rely on assistance from teams like Dilcon Painting or other masters of remodeling projects to ensure the end result of your bathroom is exactly what you imagined it would be.


A deep cleaning impacts not only the way you feel in the bathroom but also brightens it up and makes it smell nice. Clean tile grout with commercial cleaning agents or try more organic options. Don’t forget to take down fixtures for cleaning like the exhaust fan, lighting globes and switch plates. Giving the shower curtain or shower door a deep clean will also improve the overall look.

Take a minute to look at your bathroom, make a plan and head to the store for your supplies. With a little elbow grease, DIY know-how and time you can have the bathroom you desire.