Show Off Your Home’s Best Features: A Step-by-Step Guide

Every homeowner wants their house to look amazing. You buy artwork, furnishings, and light fixtures to complement each space. You paint rooms and clean floors until they glisten. But how can you show off your home’s best features? If you’re looking to sell your house, highlighting the best features will encourage buyers to make an offer. If you’re not selling, showing off the best aspects of your home will make it welcoming and attractive. Whatever the reason may be, here’s a step-by-step guide for highlighting your house’s best features.

Step One: Clean up.

You might not know what the best area of your home is yet. If you’re going to take a good look at your house and determine which features to highlight, you need to do some cleaning first. Vacuuming and dusting are good to start, but you’ll also want to de-clutter each room. Too much on the counters or shelves could make it hard for you to determine the room’s best feature. Plus you don’t want to be distracted by a giant mess— it’s been proven that clutter makes it more difficult to focus. Take a day to clean up the inside and outside of your house before working to show off anything.

Step Two: Determine what you’d like to show off.

Now that you can focus on each space, determine what you’d like to highlight. This will vary depending on the space and what you like. In your living room, you may love your bright blue couch. You can decide to make this the center of the room. In the bedrooms, the bed is typically the focal point. You may decide you’d like one astonishing highlight for the entire house. This will give you something to show guests and friends when they arrive to really wow them. For many, this is the new pool or backyard. A great swimming pool or water feature gives you an entertaining space and a gorgeous area of the home. If you love the idea of a pool or spa but don’t have one yet, turn to bradenton pool builders. They will create an amazing backyard space with a beautiful pool, a breathtaking waterfall, and an outdoor kitchen or firepit. You will never want to leave your backyard when it’s this gorgeous, and your guests will love seeing this incredible highlight.

Step Three: Create the focal point of the space.

Once you’ve determined what you’d like to show off, make that area the focal point. If you’re obsessed with the idea of a fantastic backyard, hire the professionals and have them get started. You can work on the inside of the home and highlighting its most appealing parts. In the living room, add plants or shelving to the area around your gorgeous couch if that’s what you’d like to show off. If you want to create a focal point in the space, add an accent wall or dramatic window curtains. Upgrading your current bed or bedding and adding a decorative headboard will make the bed the focal point of that room. A pop of color or fun print will draw the eye to whatever space you’re attempting to highlight.

Step Four: Freshen up each area.

It may be time for a simple upgrade. Reupholster the seating in your living room or add new art to the walls. Freshening up the spaces will make your home feel more vibrant and welcoming. This will also help you create a space that draws the eye to the right area. A beat-up rug or rotting bookshelf could draw more attention than you’d like. Freshen up each area of your home (including the backyard and landscaping) and you’ll bring attention only to the areas you want guests to look at.

Showing off your home’s best features is easier than you might think. Clean up, create a focal point, and update the items in your house. Your guests will be impressed with your taste and style.