A List of the Best Ways to Keep Your Shower Cabin Clean and Spotless

It’s a common problem: your bathroom and especially shower cabin or enclosure is only a year old or so, but it looks much older than it actually is. Not to worry – the problem is not that you haven’t spent enough time and effort cleaning it, it’s that you may not be aware of some simple tricks to keep it looking fresh and new all the time. There are many ways a new shower cabin or enclosure can become tainted, but luckily, there are also some ways to avoid this and cure it. Here is a list of the best ways to keep your shower cabin clean and spotless all the time.


Check your water


There’s hard water, and soft water – both can have some effect on how your shower will look if left unattended. When your water hits the glass, the minerals in it can etch the glass – meaning it will leave stains after a while. The best way to prevent this is to remove it as soon as possible, and run some clean, neutral water over it after the shower. Then dry it with a cloth. A simple microfibre towel can do wonders – and it takes all of two minutes.

1 A List of the Best Ways to Keep Your Shower Cabin Clean and Spotless

Blame the feet


The walls of your shower are now clean thanks to you having taken the time to rub a microfibre towel over it, so now it’s time to check the shower basin or the floor. Blame the feet if there is some discolouration in that area; it’s the dirt and grime of the feet that stick to the floor. Here’s a simple solution: wipe your feet before entering your cubicle, or make sure you have a shower placemat to stand on.


Liquid soaps, please


We understand that most people are used to using bar soap when taking a shower. However, we’d like you to change that. The problem is that soap bars leave little chips and streaks of soap everywhere; and those leftovers don’t get washed away immediately. After a while, they gather dust and oils and become dirty streaks. Liquid soaps, such as liquid body washes, prevent this.


Keeping your shower cabin fresh and clean is really not hard to do – it’s mostly a matter of habit and routine, and perhaps making a few small changes in how the shower cabin is used. Trust us, the tiny changes are more than worth it – your bathroom will look brand new any time, with a clean and sparkling look rather than with greasy spots or discoloured areas. It’s just a matter of routine, and it allows you to use that clean and fresh shower cabin or cubicle multiple times a day with greater enjoyment and less worry.


Image attributed to Danilo Rizzuti/FreeDigitalPhotos.net