Light Up Your Life with Pendants and Chandlers

Chandeliers have many reputations. Not only do they add taste to a living room, but swinging from a chandelier is now a trendy euphemism for partying (maybe Sia and her 2014 pop-hit chandelier is the root cause). It’s understandable. Creating a scene at the top of a room, surrounded by a halo of light bulbs, while the ceiling’s plaster cracks is an exciting move. But for most of us, chandeliers are still a statement of decoration. Styles can be eccentric or simple, and you don’t need one large enough to cradle a grown female pop star to make the perfect statement for you.

Pendants VS Chandeliers

Pendants and Chandeliers are light fixtures that hang from the ceiling. But there is a difference between the two – both in style and function. Chandeliers are a collection of lightbulbs, fashioned in an ornate design. The ceiling mount is part of it’s construction. It’s great for lighting a social area of a house.

A pendant has a single light bulb, usually dangling from a chain or cord. They give off less light and their design tends to be minimal. But they can be  more practical,  hanging well in kitchens or outdoor spaces while also being easier to clean and maintain.

Styles and looks

Chandeliers may bring to mind a large, extravagant or even gaudy palace, but in reality, their styles are in sync with contemporary homes. With many different designs to choose from, chandeliers can add an element to any taste, and can be subtle. Here are only a few styles that show the range of Chandeliers and Pendants:


This is the style that’s easiest to recognize. They often go best in a home’s front hall or dining room, making spaces look formal with their classical decoration. They can be single layered like this Abelle Chandelier. They can have two layers. They can have as many layers as your ceiling has room to accommodate.

Drum Shade

Drum shade chandeliers are wrapped in a fabric ring. The ring is often opaque, which dampens the light like a lampshade, creating a cozier and warmer light. This makes them perfect for bedrooms. This Urban Loft Shade Chandelier had a great modern design to simplify the look of any space.


Contemporary Chandeliers and Pendants have a range of unique designs. Usually, they are minimalist in structure relying on inventive style for looks. They’re perfect in modernist spaces with non-traditional decorations. The Daisy Leaf is a great example.

Shaded Pendant

Pendants have their own range of styles. Many hanging pendants point their light downward, which can make for an idyllic light over kitchen and lounge tables. This Randolph Pendant displays this style best.

Pendant Cluster

For anyone who enjoys the simple look of a pendant but needs the light coverage of a chandelier, pendant clusters fuse both needs. Several pendants fall singly from a collective hub. They retain the rustic look of a pendant but are capable of illuminating a larger space, like this Brinely 3-Light Pendant.

Chandeliers  far exceed their design roots. A quick search of online furniture stores will show a range of styles from modern, to rustic, to traditional. It’s an easy task to find a ceiling light that matches your style goals.

Sizing Them Up

There are a few rules for choosing the right chandelier measurements. These rules account for ideal room lighting, but also the proper design proportions. The last thing you want is a chandelier to dangle in front of your dinner guests. Goinglighting has written a brief article about the correct way to size chandeliers based on a room’s dimensions. Generally, you want 7 feet between chandelier and floor. The Daisy Leaf that was mentioned above is 18 Inches high. That means a ceiling should be at least 9 feet 2 inches high to fit a chandelier  appropriately.

For the best chandelier diameter, measure a room’s length and the width in feet. The sum of the length and width is the ideal size of the chandelier in inches. So the Lazio Pendant is 38 inches long – it would be ideal for a room that’s 19×19 feet, or 20×18, or 21×17, or 22×16. Of course, always look at the product information. If the ideal room size is printed on the chandelier’s box, take that as the definitive measure.

Chandeliers and Pendants are a great way to illuminate your living space. They can accent your design scheme, provide a statement depending on the space, while also customize each room’s lighting and mood. A quality chandelier can easily fill the role as the best ornament in the house.