Important Warning Signals for Immediately Replacing Your Mattress

Most of you do not give sleep the importance it deserves. Many of you would not miss your late-night television show but would not hesitate even once to compromise on your sleep. Some of you feel that it is quite an achievement to survive with just a little sleep. What you all need to realize is that proper sleep is an integral part of a healthy existence. Just like exercise and proper nutrition, adequate sleep is one of the fundamental pillars for boosting energy, fit and healthy existence, and longevity.

Inadequate sleep raises your stress hormone or cortisol levels incredibly, makes your immune system weak and shortens your lifespan. So you can now understand that sleep is of utmost importance and you cannot undermine the pivotal role it plays in boosting health and happiness. It is not enough to opt for longer sleep hours only; you must ensure that other factors are in place to allow you the luxury of a good night’s sleep. Here we would be discussing few warning signs that demonstrate the fact that your mattress requires immediate replacement.

The Warning Signals

You Are Perpetually in Pain

With time and constant use your mattress would be going through usual wear and tear and it would start sagging in the middle. This would be creating an uneven surface that makes it pretty difficult to lie down on it for hours. Apart from the discomfort, you would soon be experiencing nagging muscular strains & aches or a backache.

You must realize that sagging and lumpy mattresses are not capable of offering the kind of support your spine would be requiring. Hence, poor posture is not only harmful, it triggers a lot of health issues particularly when you are sleeping for 8 hours at a stretch with improper back support and poor sleep position. Your inappropriate mattress is responsible for neck and back pain that compromises your quality of sleep at night. Browse the Internet for luft mattress review for knowing more about mattresses.

You Are Used to Tossing & Turning All Night

You are experiencing disturbed sleep all through the night. You keep tossing and turning in the quest for a comfortable position while lying down on your mattress. If you are sleeping on an uneven and lumpy mattress, you would be finding it pretty difficult to relax and sleep the moment you hit the bed at night. It would involve a lot of tossing and turning and a few hours before you are able to locate a relatively comfortable spot on your mattress.

You Are Waking Up Not At All Feeling Refreshed

You wake up every day feeling exhausted. You do not feel invigorated even after a night’s sleep. If you are having a full quota of sleep, eating properly and exercising well then there is absolutely no reason for you to feel tired when you get up in the morning every day. Your mattress may be at fault. It could be the culprit as it could be too firm or soft or uneven for a comfortable sleep at night.


You need to create the right ambiance for boosting sleep. Your mattress could be the reason for an immense improvement in the quality of your sleep. You need to pay attention to your mattress and must not neglect sleep issues at all.

Author Bio: Bill Williams is a physiotherapist and a blogger. In his post, he emphasizes the need to choose the right mattress and recommends luft mattress review for more details.