How to Squeeze the Most Savings From a Vacation

There are plenty of reasons to try to save money while traveling. The simplest reason is to ensure that you have some money waiting for you when you get back. But by saving money on both the little items and the big-ticket ones, you can also plan a more extravagant trip than you might have otherwise. Finally, you’ll probably just enjoy your vacation more knowing that you got a great deal. 

The easiest and most comprehensive way to save money while you travel, without sacrificing luxury or excitement, is to book through a travel deal curator like Travelzoo, who regularly posts deals on flights, experiences and package vacations. With a little exploring, you can access great savings on amazing trips. 

To help your dollar go even further, though, here are a few money-saving hacks you can use for your next trip. 

 How to Squeeze the Most Savings From a Vacation

Travel on the Off-Season

The time of year you travel has an appreciable impact on the prices you pay – for flights, hotels, and even entrance prices for attractions. In general, the off-season (or low season) is defined as being November to March, excluding holidays. But off-seasons change according to location. Some destinations, like Thailand, shift theirs in line with the rainy season, from July to October. It pays (quite literally) to research the low months for your destination of choice.  

Choose Mid-Week Dates to Fly

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday tend to be less expensive days to fly, since they miss weekend getaway-ers entirely. For at least one of the trips on your return flight, choose a mid-week date. 

Choose a Curated Travel Package

As mentioned above, the easiest way to save money on everything – from flights to food and accommodation – is to go for a travel package chosen by experts. These curated deals have been researched and picked specifically for their great value, so you know you’ll be in good hands. You can check these all-inclusive vacation deals from Travelzoo at the link provided, or check out their individual flight, hotel and experience deals. 

Pack Light

Sometime in the past decade, airlines started to squeeze a little extra money from passengers by charging for checked bags. Not all flights do this (transcontinental flights are generally excluded), but enough of them do. To circumvent this added expense, be smart with how you pack, rolling your clothes, condensing your belongings and fitting everything in either your free carry-on or personal item. 

Rack Up Those Travel Miles

If you love to travel, it’s not a bad idea to find a credit card that awards mileage. Check out this list of the best credit cards for travel, and choose the one that’s right for you. Then, throughout the year, put as much as you can on the card, paying careful attention to pay everything off at regular intervals. 

With a reliable travel deal company like Travelzoo, and a few small hacks, you can get the trip you want at an affordable price, with change to spare when you get back!