How To Shape The Content Strategy For Enterprise SEO?

Implementing SEO for a website with hundreds or even thousands of products is anything but easy. Optimizing a large site requires a serious approach when we are talking about the Enterprise SEO practices. High quality content is one of the key strategies to make your way to the top of the search results. Moreover, this is an excellent opportunity for your brand. A more specific approach is needed when talking about the content strategy. In this post, you will find out how to shape the content strategy for enterprise SEO.

Avoid Low Quality Content At All Costs

The first advice that the best enterprise SEO company would give you is: low quality content is your worst enemy. Bad content leads to higher bounce rate, which is considered to be a red flag for the search engines. When users figure out that the site they have just opened won’t give them any useful info, they will leave.  Only good quality and helpful content will get you on top. Despite for the bad rankings, it will not be of use for the visitors too.This means that your efforts should not be concentrated towards selling. Instead, focus on helping people. This change of strategy will increase user engagement and drive more traffic to your site, which is beneficial for your brand.

Offer Help And Useful Information

Why is the content so important for the Enterprise SEO? If we observe the consumer’s behavior when a need of a certain product is present, the first step is searching the internet. More than 70% of the consumers do this, so it shows as an excellent opportunity for your brand.

Content takes part in all of the phases of the customer life cycle. From searching for solutions for a certain problem, to reading product reviews, there are lots of topics where you can offer help. A good content strategy should cover up all stages of the user’s journey.

Don’t know where to start from when creating Enterprise SEO content? These are the basic guidelines to follow:

  • What kind of content should you create? There is no right answer, as you should find the way that works the best for your users. Product reviews, maintenance and cleaning tips, or answering some questions, all of this would be useful. Text, video, photos, everything can be considered. The specific nature of the product should be also payed attention to, as for some video content would be more appropriate.
  • Remember that you need to satisfy both visitors and search engines. The content should be appealing, so more visitors will be attracted. High quality images, structured text, attention-catching headings are a good example for that.
  • Short or long text? Both of them can work. Although long text that have more than 1,000 words can result in higher user engagement, short can work as well. If it is long enough to provide useful information in a concise way, stick to it. However, mind the preferences of your visitors and test to find out which text length works the best for them.