How to post to Instagram

Tips for better posts

The creativity of your posts is responsible for 50% of the eventual success. In other words, your targeting can still be well thought through and optimized, without the creativity you will not win the war.

Do you want to trigger your audience with popular posts? Then keep reading the following tips:

  • Use Social Media Services

Social media services are there to help you grow on social media. It is mainly intended for Instagram because this is the most interesting social media for marketing, and creating name visibility. The social media services offers you the possibility to expand your network. They will make your account popular, attracting new followers, potential clients, and even paying customers. Besides, they help you grow your name and rank higher up in Instagram’s algorithm. This is step one to outplay your competition and becoming number one in your area of business.

  • Use video

A video is hot and also very popular with social media. Moving images process our brain no less than 60,000 times faster than text! However, the disadvantage of a video is the production of it: there is merely a lot more involved.

Fortunately, there are many tools available to put a video together reasonably quickly. Also, the quality of cameras on mobile phones also improves by the day. In short: making videos ourselves is easy.

  • Use a reminder calendar

Inclusion at the best moments in the year: with holidays, events … you name it. How do you prepare for it optimally?

With a reminder calendar! Print it out or bookmark it in your browser, and you’re sure you will not miss the most important days to take advantage of. This way you can prepare and brainstorm about creative ideas.

  • Use emotion and humanity in your images

Although we sometimes forget, we are still people. And people respond to emotion. So use passion in your pictures, but also think about your ad texts.

  • Check the rules for share & win actions

Social media are practical ways to give things away. Especially when you ask for likes, comments, and shares in exchange for a chance to win a nice prize.

Unfortunately, that is not allowed. Giving away prizes in exchange for comments and shares is forbidden. Moreover, it makes no sense; asking for interaction is punished by Facebook and Instagram anyway. You will thus no longer influence the algorithm.

More about these rules, and other tips to get more success with your posts, you can read here!

  • Use tags

Social media becomes extra interesting at the moment that you can make it measurable. Sometimes you want to be able to see at your landing page level where your traffic comes from: which media, but also which campaign and what type of mail (for example organic or paid).

The use of tags makes that possible. With that, you partially adjust the URL, which gives it a measurable piece of information that is the sign for Google Analytics to label it.

  • Use smart tools

There are many tools available that make life more comfortable as a social media marketer: from planning tools to inspiration to ways to pimp images, take advantage of it!

In the section below the best and smartest tools are listed for you.

Social media tools

  • Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a beautiful, free tool to keep your social media monitoring (of multiple accounts, if you want) in one place: all mentions, shares, reactions, likes … You name it. You can also use Hootsuite to plan your posts.
  • Buffer: Buffer is a planning tool that does what it says it does. Perhaps it is the most convenient way of social plans that are there at the moment. In Buffer, you can indicate your fixed post times instead of a schedule. You then put your posts in the ‘queue,’ and by according to your plan, he sends those posts out.
  • Coosto: The big advantage is that you can actually do everything with it: scheduling, monitoring, but also measuring your performance. You can set up your own dashboard to keep track of your performance.
  • Canva: everyone can create beautiful images in the right formats with Canva. You upload your logos and fonts, choose from the thousands of photos and pictures you want, and your image is finished!
  • HubSpot: a somewhat more expensive option, but if you want to know what the shares of your channels are, at the level of leads and sales, HubSpot is an exciting player. Other marketing automation packages, such as SharpSpring, are gaining more and more control over this.
  • MeetEdgar: with Edgar, you can, in his words, permanently post. Posts that have done well in the past are pushed again for performance.
  • IFTTT: If This, Then That. It’s that simple. You set what needs to be done if something happens. Example: as soon as your new mail goes online, IFTTT automatically generates a social message, based on the images, title and description you have provided.
  • Zapier: Zapier is something like IFTTT, but different. Zapier works by APIs that you can customize yourself, giving you just a little more freedom. Useful if you want to store all your mentions or comments in Google Sheets, for example, or want to get your generated leads from Lead Ads directly into your CRM.
  • TweetDeck: full control over your Twitter activities? Especially for news sites that are very much up-to-date, TweetDeck is a fantastic tool. And: free!
  • AdEspresso: do you want to get the most out of your Facebook and Instagram ads? Click a few times, grab an espresso and AdEspresso will do the rest. It generates up to thousands of variants for your ads so you can be sure that there is at least one good one in it.