Here are 5 things Employees love from the Companies

There are many things employees look for when signing up with companies. Good pay is obviously one of them, as studies have shown, and so are benefits. Employees also consider the potential for career advancement, and the chance to work in the ideal environment. But apart from all these, what makes a job appealing and an organisation desirable to employees?

Here are 5 things apart from money that employees look forward to in a company.


  • Recognition


Every individual wants to be recognised for outstanding performance, and in a corporate environment, this recognition can be very valuable.

In fact, the desire for recognition is so strong that a 2016 Gallup research discovered that employees are twice likely to quit their jobs in less than two years if they feel their work is not being recognised. As important as money is, it is safe to say that recognition is the number thing employees would love to get constantly from the company they work for. 

Performance awards are one way to show recognition, but years of service and anniversary awards are also very much valued. 


  • Flexible work routine


The ability to balance work life and personal life is another important feature employees love after salary. 

Everyone would like to have a flexible work routine that gives them time to attend to personal affairs, take care of family, and rest, and while there are people who thrive on overtime, most employees are unhappy when they are called upon to work past their normal hours. 

In a survey conducted by FlexJobs, it was discovered that between 80 to 85 percent of employees see flexibility and work-life balance as important factors when considering a job role. 


  • Better benefits


We all want a little better from the organisations we work for, and while pay check plays a huge role in our decision making process, fringe benefits are also very important. Things like paid vacation, health benefits and insurance, and stock options are just some of the benefits that employees look for in an organisation. 

If you run a business, providing some or all of these benefits in addition to paying your workers regularly will do a lot in improving employee happiness and workplace productivity. 


  • Autonomy


Nobody enjoys being micromanaged. Not only does micromanagement makes an employee feel inadequate, it also stunts creativity. 

Employees want autonomy, and giving them this freedom can actually make them more productive in their different roles. 

Of course, supervision is needed in certain areas, but where you are able to attract the right talent for a job role, allow them a free rein to do the job as they see fit, as long as it does not conflict with the company’s ways of doing things.


  • Opportunity for career growth


No matter how well compensated an employee is, there will always be that yearning for more; not in terms of monetary gain, but career advancement and professional growth, the absence of which can lead to attrition and drop in productivity.

For some people, this is satisfied by regular promotions after meeting the relevant performance milestones. For others, it is the opportunity to improve on their skills and qualifications. 

If you can satisfy your employees craving for career and professional advancement, your employees will feel valued, motivated to succeed, and willing to contribute more to the growth of the company.