Foundation Lifting and Leveling: Repairing Damage Concrete Is Important

When your concrete surface needs concrete leveling and lifting in St Louis, it is important to know how to hire contractors to fix concrete leveling and lifting in St Louis. There are several concrete leveling and lifting companies in the St Louis area. To find the best one, ask your friends for recommendations. If you have no luck with referrals or friends’ recommendations, then you can try looking for concrete leveling and lifting companies in the St Louis Gateway. However, concrete leveling and lifting in St Louis is a service that must be done properly, so make sure you hire a reputable company.

Repair the Leveling Damage:

Another reason why you need to get concrete leveling and lifting done as soon as feasible is the safety element of it. As mentioned above, concrete slabs that are not level can become a tripping hazard, especially when wet. Water can seep into the ground underneath the slab, causing it to expand and eventually break through to the ground below. When the water gets inside the concrete, it can cause structural damage to the concrete itself and create a foundation hole. If this happens, it will be necessary to repair the concrete, which will cost more than simply repairing the leveling damage.

Sunken Concrete:

St Louis concrete lifting and leveling are even more important if you have sunken concrete in your basement. If the concrete has sunk lower than the floor, then it can be difficult to get at the concrete without pumping it out. This is even more important if you are trying to lift or repair concrete walls because pumping concrete into a wall is not safe unless the wall is flat, as with most concrete foundations. For this reason, most reputable concrete repair companies in St Louis will never perform concrete leveling and lifting on any foundation that is not flat and that does not require immediate repair.


Another problem that often occurs after concrete leveling and lifting is mudjacking. Mudjacks are pieces of equipment that are used to pump concrete up from a lower level to the top of the project. The piece is equipped with two forks, one meant to pull the concrete up and the other to dump it at the very top of the project. If a piece is not positioned properly, it can end up in the wrong place, causing a potential accident.

Slabs Do Not Line Up Properly:

One problem with concrete lifting and repair is when the slabs do not line up properly with the trucks. Sometimes the slabs can be off-centered, either because they were put together at the wrong height or because the workers used too much force when unrolling and lifting them. This can cause problems with the alignment of the concrete surfaces. The surfaces will not align correctly, leading to uneven flooring. Some flooring stores sell aligners to help customers line up their slabs correctly. Some homeowners may also try to align the slabs on their own using steel tape or wooden dowels.

Concrete Cracks:

Other foundation one repair problems include concrete cracks that occur after the concrete has been poured. Sometimes, these cracks can become quite large, which causes many more issues. First, workers must carefully remove the concrete crack before it becomes a big deal. Once the crack is large enough, concrete removal and repairs are needed. This foundation one repair process must be done carefully in order to avoid potential damage to other parts of the building or to the worker.