Electricity Efficiency Tips

We humans have the greatest impact on the natural planet, and it’s not always a positive effect. We need to be mindful of how we treat our planet so that we can continue to live here for as long as possible. This may seem too difficult to take on yourself, but it starts at home. Here are some tips that the electricity providers in Alberta provide to help you use less electricity and receive smaller bills while also helping the environment.

  1. Use LED light bulbs

Many people still use standard iridescent bulbs, but it’s been proven that LED light bulbs are a much better option. They last longer and use less energy for only a small additional upfront cost. This reduces your bill. However, changing the light bulbs will only do so much. You probably also want to use natural light as often as possible, so you don’t need to use the electricity for light at all until it gets dark out. You might want to keep the windows open to let the light in.

  1. Raise or lower the temperature

Everyone likes to keep their home a comfortable temperature. However, the colder you make it in the summer, the harder the HVAC needs to work to keep your home at a cool temperature. There’s a similar problem in the winter when trying to maintain a certain heat level. Change the temperature just a degree or two less comfortable than your preferred temperature. The change will result in significant savings on your utility bill. It’s worth wearing a sweater in the winter and cooler clothes in the summer.

  1. Get automated thermostat

There’s no need to keep the HVAC system running while you and everyone else in your home is out for the day working or attending school. However, mornings can be hectic. It can be hard for you to remember to turn the HVAC system off when you leave. If you’re not the last person to leave, then you may as well forget the attempt all together.

Solve the problem with an automatic thermostat that adjusts the temperature of your home while you are gone. You can change the temperature or turn the air off all together. You can set the time you want the HVAC system to turn on again.

  1. Be mindful while cooking

Cooking inside can drastically affect the temperature in your home. The heat from the stove is emitting into the home. If possible, it’s best to cook outside. During the summer, this is a great excuse to barbecue (or cater barbecue).

When cooking inside, you should be mindful not to open the oven and peek at your food. Every time you do this, you’re causing the stove to use more energy.

  1. Use Energy-Star appliances

Not all appliances are created equal. In fact, a lot of appliances are designed to use less energy than others. These appliances will be labeled with a special Energy-Star logo. This means they use less resources than other models. You can rest assured that your are making the fiscally responsible choice for your home. You can get EnergyStar refrigerators, HVAC systems, washers, dryers, and dish washers just to name a few. You can also get low-flow toilets that use less water with every flush, utilizing less valuable resources. The more Energy-Star appliances, the better your bill will look.

  1. Change/clean HVAC filter

One of the biggest things to increase utility costs is the HVAC unit in winter and summer. To help it work at its highest efficiency, you need to clean or fix the filter regularly. When the filter is dirty, it forces the machine to work harder than necessary. This means it will use more energy and cost more money. The task is relatively simple and anybody could do it. If you need help at first, just ask your local HVAC professional to tell you during your annual maintenance.

Everyone has a responsibility to make an effort to be economically and environmentally responsible. These are a couple of tips that we can take at home to make a difference. It starts with the appliances you choose and the choices you make. When you start at the home, it can lead to a larger understanding of our environmental impact and how to do the right thing.