Decorating Tips to Boost the Value of Your Home

If you are searching for decorative tips to add value to your home, you must pick the best ones without overstretching your pocket. Luckily, plenty of brilliant techniques, ranging from giving the home’s exterior a facelift to adding a new kitchen, exist.

While some upgrades are easy and quick and give the house interior an instant appeal, others are major upgrades that provide the curb with an irresistible charm. Whether big or small, decorating your house usually means you want it to sell high on the property market.

You might be interested in undertaking a huge decoration hoping that the house will get a great value, but you should not disregard the small things. Read on to discover the best decorating tips to add value to your house.

Refurbish the Entrance

First impressions are vital, especially when putting your home on the market. Upgrading the entrance mat and doorway furniture and applying a new paint layer to your front door indicates that your property is well-maintained and up-to-date. Ensure the area around the entrance is clean by trimming plants, removing cobwebs, and cleaning the path.

Resurface the Cabinets

If you have a limited budget to revamp the entire kitchen, you should not forego the chance to resurface kitchen cabinets. You should not entirely replace something just because it seems beaten down or worn, though. Resurfacing some kitchen items adds substantial market value to your house without breaking the bank.

Upgrade the Flooring

Cleaning the carpets can significantly make a huge difference to your home’s appearance, so it’s worth contacting professional carpet cleaners. Nonetheless, if the carpet is past its use-by date, it is high time that you buy a new one.

On the other hand, if the floorboards show extreme tear and wear, it’s sensible to have them re-sanded. In this case, you can have them painted, stained, lime-washed, or resealed.

Add Energy-efficient Fixtures

A decorative, functional ceiling fan is a stunning fixture. It creates a soft breeze during the warm season, and in the process, reduces the necessity of costly air conditioning. However, a loud, wobbly, or outdated ceiling fan is useless and annoying. So, you need to replace the old fittings with new ones to make the home much more enjoyable and boost its selling value.

Refresh the Woodwork

Most woodwork dries and gets dull over time. This is mainly the case if you have pets as they make damages to trims, cabinets, woodwork, and furniture visible. Thankfully, you can buy products in the market to conceal the scratches and patch the holes. For severely damaged woodwork, consider a new coat of sealer or stain. Else, you can decide to paint or sand it for an entirely new look.

Groom the Garden

Winter is the ideal time to prepare your backyard. Following a typical tidy up, search for any gaps in the yard that you need to deal with. You can add value by filling up empty holes in the garden with established potted plants. Also, remember to scrub the outdoor furniture and clean the barbeque.

Add Smart Technology

Installing smart gadgets in your house makes it much more valuable, modern, and appealing to the tech savvies. Consider making innovative improvements to your lighting keypad door locks, thermostats, security cameras, and fire detectors.

Use Colour and Nature

You can place a potted, beautifully flowering plant if it’s the spring season. Else, if it’s winter, you can place a pot of spruce tips with tasteful holiday decoration or colourful accents. As potential buyers approach the property, they will be lured by anything welcoming.

If you have finished house pre-planning and you are ready to sell, you should consider getting a valuation. There are companies such as Spring, who offer a free property valuation which will tell you if you are ready to sell or if you can still do more to raise the value even higher.