How to Choose the Sofa of Your Dreams

Given the fact that we spend lots of time sitting on one, it is an excellent idea to invest money in quality sofas. It is better to spend some time pondering on the possibilities you have, than buy a cheap sofa and then regret it. But what should you take into account when you want to buy a new sofa?


When buying a sofa, it is extremely important to take into account its size. Look at the size of the living room and see if it fits. A couch that is too big will make the room appear crowded and small. If you don’t have a large space, try choosing a model without arms or at least with low ones, since it will create the illusion of space. Remember that there are other items of furniture that you’ll be using, so save some space for them too.


Think well about what kind of sofa you need. Are you using it for yourself? Do you have kids or pets? With kids and pets, leather is an excellent choice, since it cleans up fast and you can see dirt spots faster. For pets, you will most likely want to avoid a velvet, satin or wool sofa, since these fabrics can be easily destroyed with their claws. Keep in mind that there are lots of pet-friendly fabrics.


The more money you spend on the sofa, the more years you’ll enjoy it, or at least this is the way it should be. Check out the frame, since it should be solid built. Choose a sofa that is not using chipboards glued and stapled together, but one based on screws and dowels. The material is also important, go for hard wood such as teak, oak, birch, mahogany or birch. Also, think about the fact that you will still have it in 5 or 10 years, so will you still like it then?

Style and comfort

Again, the issue of the future is also important. It is useless to buy a sofa in a style that is trending now and see it as old-fashioned in 2 years. Velvet is one great choice both for style and for comfort; it is perfect for sipping some tea or wine on a relaxing evening with friends, and it also looks elegant. It feels soft and warm on your skin, so who wouldn’t like to spoil themselves? On the other hand, foam wrapped in feathers is the best when it comes to comfort. It helps the cushions regain their fluffiness and reduces plumping, plus they’re extra comfortable.

All in all, the most important thing about it is that it should reflect your personality and fit your style!