Bright Idea: Why Choosing Solar Energy for Massachusetts is A Good Decision

I know you’ve seen some of your neighbors or perhaps a few people around town who have those shiny solar panels atop their roofs. And I know deep inside, you’re pretty curious about getting the same service, with the world going crazy due to global warming or perhaps the staggering prices of electricity. Whether or not you have the same reasons, in this article we’ll be discussing why going solar is probably one of the best decisions you’ll make while living in Massachusetts or probably anywhere else around the globe.

  1. Good environmental impact

It’s pretty obvious that solar power can do good for the world, whether you’re living in the United States, Australia, or even any third world country around the globe. Why? Well, because it does not emit any harmful gases at the point of generation, therefore, solar power is considered a cleaner option for electricity use. Plus, it lessens the emission of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. This means, unlike conventional methods of power generation, solar energy has proven to be a safer and better choice through and through.

  1. Source of unlimited energy

As it is a kind of renewable energy, solar power is a better option since you technically won’t run out of power, even at night. Solar power systems typically have storage capabilities that keep excess electricity generated from your panels to power up your homes and the community even if there’s rain, a cloudy day, during winter, and at nighttime. However, that doesn’t mean that homes hooked up in solar power won’t ever experience blackouts. These could occur too, but to a lesser extent than those using conventional power because it allows you to be independent of a power grid. 

  1. More stable energy prices

Since you’re generating your own power, you don’t have to rely on someone bloating up the price of energy. Bill shocks won’t be your problem because you would be aware of just how much power you’re consuming and that you are the one filling your share through the use of solar panels on your roof or hoisted from the ground.

  1. Solar power can give you tax breaks

This may or may not be news to you but Massachusetts actually offers a lot of tax exemptions for homeowners who would choose to install solar systems. In addition to the income tax credits which cover 15% of the system costs against the taxable income (capped at $1,000), those who use solar energy in MA would actually be entitled to property and sales tax exemptions which could add up to a lot of money. Then there’s also the federal solar incentives which can reduce the cost of solar systems to up to 26%.

  1. Saves money in the long run

Because of the tax breaks and the more stable power prices, it’s pretty understandable that choosing to go solar would save you money in the long run. Why would this happen in the long run? Well, the truth is, solar power can be pretty expensive up front. So the money that you’d be saving depends on how long you will be using your equipment. If you won’t really be staying in the same place for quite a while, then maybe solar power is not for you. Or at least switching your main supply to solar would not really be a good idea. 

Although, you can still go solar in a small way: through smaller devices. Solar lights and solar-powered garage doors are just examples of what kind of electronics you can power up using clean energy, well besides calculators of course. 

  1. You don’t need to install panels

This fact may be a surprise for you, but you don’t always need to install solar panels or eco tiles to utilize solar energy. And I’m not talking about smaller devices this time! Let’s face it, not everyone is a fan of the reflective solar panels attached to their roofs. If you’re such a person or if you don’t really have the budget for solar panels, you can still signup for clean energy by subscribing to a solar farm, especially in MA.

Choosing solar energy is a good idea for Massachusetts residents because the government and the community are both doing their part to promote the transition to a cleaner power source. With these options, there is no reason for you to not join in and make the switch to solar power as early as today.