The Best Ways to Travel Around Cities for the First Time

While we all have certain locations that we love to visit again and again, arriving at a destination for the first time is one of the real thrills of travelling. One of the major challenges is ensuring you make the most of your time here, though, and experience everything a city has to offer. There are a number of different options available to you, all with their own pros and cons. Here’s what you need to know.

Choosing a Guided Tour

Guided tours are the most common ways to explore a new city. This is ideal if it’s your first time visiting, and you aren’t familiar with the local attractions. Rather than simply choosing the first provider you come across when you land, read reviews on local travel forums to see what other people think. Different companies will try and market towards different demographics, such as families or older couples. If you want to ensure you’re placed with other like minded travelers, take a look at the provider’s website to get a better idea about who they try and appeal to.

Renting Your Own Car

If you’d like to have some more freedom to choose where you want to go, consider renting a car for the length of your trip. Unlike your flight provider and accommodation, which most people spend time researching for the best rate, choosing a car rental company is usually a last minute decision which means people rarely get a good deal. Always try to book early when you can, especially if you need a specific kind of vehicle. If you’re flexible, though, take your time to look through all the possible categories as prices are typically dictated by demand.

Heading out on Two Wheels

Finally, for those who want to take in the world around them while exploring by themselves, consider renting a bicycle. This also has the benefit of ensuring you stay active during your trip and can be a great option if you’re visiting during the warmer months of the year. European cities like Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Berlin, are considered some of the most bike-friendly cities on the planet. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of lugging a bike around during your trip, retailers such as Skate Hut stock even more compact solutions like a scooter. Electric scooters are popular form of alternative transport methods. Their average speed is relatively low at 15-30kph and if you are curious if theres some tricks or guide to make it go faster, find out here.