Begginer Guide to Start with Oil Painting

Learning how to paint with oil is the primary manifestation for most amateur artists. This way of studying to paint is great because you can correct it very quickly.

When you paint a part of your canvas and feel that you dislike that color, just scrape it off with no injury to the surface. Colors can also be painted over and over again, so your original drawing can be changed as you go. Also, you can combine the light and shadow aspects of your painting with relaxation. You can also begin and end your oil painting at any time, and pick it up later.

Even though a lot of artists are likely to stick to a particular medium of painting, you can broaden your horizons and skills with oil painting, also if you don’t stick with it. After painting with oils for a course of time, you begin to understand there is more to oil painting than meets the eye. You have to determine the surface type, the stain, and the top and the underpainting process comes full circle in the end.

Another thing that you will have to pay attention to is getting a right box for your materials. You can find numerous individual boxes, most metal or wood. Make sure that if you pick up an unstained wooden box, that you stain it so you can wipe off the excess paint. And next, I want to talk about the proper education section for learning how to paint.

Like most people, today have a big problem with learning to paint because they either can’t afford the lessons or classes or have the time for them. But don’t trouble, there are a lot of free videos, courses, lessons, and articles on painting. For example, you can find much useful information about arts, painting, the design on artscolumbia.

Moreover, to make your first oil painting easier for you we gather few tips to follow when starting a drawing:

  • Begin with small paintings

It allows you to paint more pictures trying different techniques, methods, ideas, and study on them. And then you will be able to start more big works.

  • Be Organized

Organize your working place, prepare all necessary material before and try to draw every day. And you will see the increasing of your professionality.

  • Invest in Materials

Buy quality oils, brushes, painting surface that make your work better.

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  • Consider the Principles of Color and Color Mixing

Practice how to mix primary colors to make the second ones from them.

  • Begin With an Oil Sketch

It’s an excellent base to start, that dry quickly and save your time. So you can quickly add other colors, layers, tons, etc.

So follow these rules and keep studying, and, no doubt, you will see your progress.