Auto Accident Lawyer Sacramento California: Is It Worth It To Hire One?

In 2016, Sacramento was ranked number one for having the worst drivers in the US. This number was based on the number of auto accidents, DUIs, speeding tickets, and citations. If you know all too well about the medical bills, insurance claims, court fees, etc. that accompany a car accident, maybe it’s time to hire a lawyer to have legal representation by your side.

Auto or car accident lawyers help you get compensation to cover losses acquired due to the accident. Here are other reasons why it’s worth it to hire a lawyer when involved in a car accident:

  1. Time Limits

Time is of importance when you are involved in a car accident. Your right to go after a claim begins on the day you become injured. However, if you file late or the time has elapsed in claiming your car accident insurance claim, the court will reject it.

If you hire an auto accident lawyer, you can take legal action in a timely manner, before the lapse of the statute of limitations for filing your claims. Your attorney will know the timeframe of such claims and the importance of filing it as soon as possible. They know that if you fail to file a claim within the deadline, you forfeit your right to sue.

Moreover, if you hire an auto car accident lawyer, they will work so you can meet all of the necessary deadlines while you are resting and recovering.

  1. Investigation and Liability

When traveling or on the road in car accident-prone cities like Sacramento, car accidents seem nearly inevitable. To alleviate the misfortune caused by such disasters, hire an auto accident lawyer to investigate the crash.

The investigation is vital to provide evidence and support your claim.

To ensure that you get compensated fairly and fully, car accident lawyers have the expertise to investigate and conduct an accident reconstruction. This is crucial for knowing how the accident happened and who is to blame.

They will also gather evidence related to your injury caused by the car accident. Evidence includes photos and videos from the scene of the crash, statements from witnesses, accident reports, medical records, and tests.

These pieces of evidence will also help prove who is at fault. With the help of your attorney, this process will go smoothly without you worrying.

shutterstock 1039813021 Auto Accident Lawyer Sacramento California: Is It Worth It To Hire One?

  1. Insurance

When you are not at fault in the car accident, your claims will also include the at-fault driver’s insurance. In such cases, it is crucial to have an attorney that will communicate with the insurance company since they will most likely try to lessen the amount to pay you.

When an auto accident lawyer is working for you, they will make ways to ensure that you will get the compensation you deserve. Since lawyers in this field know the tactics most insurers use to undervalue your claim, they will know how to negotiate about it.

Also, experienced auto accident lawyers know how to evaluate the medical expenses and other damages brought about by car accidents so insurers can pay you the right amount you deserve.

  1. Settlement Options

Aside from valuing the damages that you will likely get, your lawyer will explain and help you understand settlement options you can have. Your lawyer will brief you on the option of settling with the driver at fault. When you settle, you can never sue them.

Due to an auto accident lawyer’s experience and extensive knowledge, they know what options are best for you. Whether to settle out of court or continue to sue the driver at fault, your chosen attorney will work with you to help determine what’s best for your case.

Moreover, if you are not a lawyer, it is likely that you are not knowledgeable about what to expect at the pre-trial negotiations. With the aid of an attorney, undervaluation or overvaluation of your claim will be avoided during this process. Also, if you have a lawyer working for you, there will be a skilled negotiator who will fight for your best interests.

  1. Court Representation

If your settlement negotiations don’t work, the last resort is going to court. This means needing jurisprudence expertise to win your case.

If you hire a hardened and experienced car accident attorney, insurers will think twice before pressuring you to let go of your claims; hence, they will take you seriously.

Moreover, the risk of representing yourself in court is very high. With an attorney by your side, your chances of winning and claiming your damages are higher.


Car accidents are something that many of us will have to deal with, especially if we live in Sacramento. But when you hire an auto accident lawyer, the process is a lot easier. You can rest at peace while your lawyer is fighting your best interests. Moreover, the professional aid of your attorney is a crucial factor to help you get the compensation you deserve. What are you waiting for? Type ”Legacy car accident lawyer near me” into the search bar and find someone to be on your side as you battle this unfortunate auto accident.