9 Reasons Why the Expo 2020 Dubai Lives Up to the Hype

The World Expo is back with a bang in Dubai and it’s set to be the event’s greatest-ever instalment. Countries from around the world have put together awe-inspiring displays for visitors to see, experience and learn from. Here are the 9 reasons why Expo lives up to the hype. 

What the Expo 2020 Dubai is All About 

This year is all about inspiring a better future for all. Expo 2020 will be on until March 2022, with the theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” The layout is designed around the central Al Wasl Plaza that connects the three main districts, namely sustainability, mobility, and opportunity. 

While technology is a central point throughout the Expo showcases, so too is culture. Visitors can expect to discover diversity by going on a trip around the world, all within the realms of the Expo. Expo is a journey for the senses. Guests are immersed in an environment where questions are asked and explored so that, together, we can collectively devise a better world. 

There are country pavilions featuring a whopping 192 participating nations. Visitors can even get their hands on an Expo passport for AED 20 and collect stamps from them all as a global passport to treasure in your memory box. 

To give you an idea of the magnitude of these displays, consider the UAE pavilion at the Opportunity district. It is shaped like a falcon to represent the country’s growth. It’s 4 storeys high with a circumference of 15,000 sqm, encapsulating the UAE’s culture, achievements, and aspirations.

It is not only about creating educational displays, though. There is plenty of entertainment to look forward to as well – with over 60 live performances a day, to be exact. You won’t be able to miss the world’s largest 360-degree projection dome, or the number of foodie displays waiting for you to take a bite. And we aren’t talking about simple food cart displays – expect chefs from around the world, even those with Michelin stars to cook up a storm we’re sure you’ll be salivating over. Oh, and if you need some assistance, just ask one of the miniature robots roaming the Expo. 

9 Reasons Expo 2020 Lives Up to the Hype

With all of this talk about Expo 2020, let’s take a look at some of the most thrilling showcases that are worth all of the hype. 

1. Inventions are Showcased at the World Expo

Expo is a hotly anticipated global event that brings nations together to celebrate innovation. The first World Expo took place in London in 1851. This is the first time it has been hosted on Middle Eastern soil. Previous World Expos featured various inventions, from the typewriter and the ice cream cone to the Ferris wheel and the IMAX cinema. Visitors at the Expo 2020 Dubai are sure to be the first to lay their eyes on inventions set to become part of the future, too.

2. See Michelangelo’s David in 3D

Want to see David? Well, you can! There is a 3D print replica of the art piece at the Italian pavilion. It is made from marble, with hours of digital printing work using one of the world’s largest 3D printers. 

3. Music Meets Nature

Nature remains at the forefront of a better future. That is why there are gardens at the Al Wasl Plaza. Each morning, visitors can take a stroll while listening to the sounds of animals as they awaken for the day. This is also the scene for musical performances by local and international stars and orchestras playing all kinds of genres.

4. The Amazon Comes to Dubai

The Brazil pavilion showcases a replica of the Amazon basin. Visitors can explore this body of water to cast their eyes on a real-life rendition of what the Amazon is like using immersive digital technology. 

5. Cool Down at the Water Feature

When you need a moment to cool down, head over to the water feature. The rounded structure showcases the powerful combination of man’s ability to sculpt with inspiration from nature’s waterfalls. Feel the water rush towards you, then seemingly disappear at your feet (with zero wastage), in an experience that had aptly been described as ‘surreal.’

6.  Be Enamoured by the Al Wasl Dome 

The Al Wasl Dome is the crowning jewel of Expo 2020. It lives up to its namesake of “connection” by being the central meeting point connecting all three pavilions. The plaza features a dome with the world’s largest 360-degree projection surface. This architectural marvel took 14 months to build using precision engineering. Raw steel was sourced from Europe and then shaped into curves and moulded with intricate lattice detailing. 

7. Futuristic Robotic Service

The World Expo events are known to pave the way for innovation, with futuristic developments being put to the test. So, what does it look like? Expect to see driverless vehicles and sustainability taken to a whole new level with the highest levels of eco-friendliness and efficiency. There are also robots roaming around to assist visitors!

8. For the Architecture Buffs

Prepare to be blown away by the architecture at Expo 2020. There are more than ninety uniquely designed pavilions to look forward to, and 200,000 sqm of future LEED Gold & Platinum structures. See structures inspired by a falcon (at the UAE pavilion), an unfolding building (at the Saudi Arabia pavilion), and an arch that produces more energy than it consumes (at the Belgian pavilion). If this is your thing, be sure to go on an Architecture tour to learn more about the pavilions, designs, sustainability, building technology, engineering and more.

9. Fitness Fans Unite

There are fitness classes twice a day at the Expo 2020, suitable for all ages and abilities at the Sports, Fitness and Wellbeing Hub. There are also demo cricket and rugby matches to watch, plus sports stars to meet. Look out for teams including the Harlem Globetrotter basketball team and Rajasthan Royals cricket team. Football fans can also get involved in club activities and learn more about how sports facilitates social change.

This is by no means a comprehensive list and words simply cannot do the Expo 2020 justice – you just have to see it to believe it. Are you eager to visit the Expo 2020 Dubai? You can’t get any closer to the action than by staying at the only on-site hotel: the Rove Expo 2020 hotel. Here, you’ll have the best seats in the house to the world’s greatest show as the hotel is at the epicentre of the main square. This means you’ll be within walking distance of everything Expo has to offer, getting up close and personal with all of the incredible wonders, without having to miss a thing!

Did you know? The Expo 2020 Dubai has its own metro station stop, so you’ll be well-connected to the rest of Dubai, an enchanting city that you’ll want to explore, from its sky-scraping city to the Arabian beaches and deserts.

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