9 reasons to choose adopting a cat

Are you the type of person who goes to watch cat videos when your day just seems to get worst each hour? It is scientifically proven that what you are doing is boosting your mood, your energy and stimulating positive emotions. So, don’t get intimated by the colleague who mocks you for doing this. You are doing it right.

Still, what if you would have a cat of your own when arriving home? Since they say cats have nine lives, here are nine benefits of being a cat owner that might change your mind.

  • Owning a cat is better for the environment

If you are choosing between having a cat or a dog remember this. Owning a cat helps the carbon footprint. In 2009, a study proved that the resources needed to feed a dog over the course of life are the same as a land cruiser. Meanwhile, cats only have a carbon footprint of a small hatchback. These animals eat usually fish or beef flavored products, which helps the environment.

  • They help you to cope with the loss

As humans, all of us will eventually lose someone we love. Either because death is inevitable or because life takes us in different directions. The experience of losing someone is painful and, to cope with it, owning a pet is the best way. Cats have been shown to help their owners getting over their losses faster, showing fewer symptoms of emotional and physical pain.

  • They help you find a significant other

This might sound weird at first, but a British poll found that women are more attracted to men who like and own animals. Nonetheless, a pet is for life, not just to help you finding someone to date. Remember this before owning one and take advantage of it after you love it unconditionally.

  • Cat owners are smart

It was shown on a survey that people who own cats are more likely to have college degrees than the dogs’ owners. Even though this fact might be general or a coincidence, you might want to take the chances.

  • You will have a healthier heart

Not just for the cat owners, but for all of them. Owning a pet improves your heart condition. Cats, in particular, are a proven example of lowering the stress levels, possibly because they are more independent than dogs and don’t require as much effort. Petting a cat has a positive calming effect.

  • The companionship need is fulfilled

Many times, it is said that dogs are more affectionate than cats. However, this statement relies on a stereotype. In fact, it turns out that cats can be just as good companions as dogs, especially for women. A study conducted in Austria in 2003 found that having a cat in the house is the emotional equivalent of having a romantic partner. After many years of domestication, cats have learned how to make a noise similar to a baby’s cry. Once our brains are programmed to be responsive to children’s distress, it is almost impossible for people to ignore what cats need when they purr or wow.

  • Sleeping better

Sleeping with a cat is proven to be more relaxing than sleeping with a human. Some people complain that the cats don’t let the owners sleep but the majority praises their company in bed. They keep people warm and relaxed, releasing the stress feelings.

  • They tell a lot about your personality

Cats owners tend to be less manipulative and more modest. These people are usually quieter and more introverted than dog owners. Dog lovers are more associated with people who are more social. Like this, your choice of pet will always speak the truth about yourself.

  • Cats can save your life

Just because cats have a strong reputation for being cold and careless, it doesn’t mean they are. There are many reported episodes in the world of cats that saved their owners lives. In the United Kingdom a cat warned the human he was about to have an epileptic seizure, while in Montana the cat woke up two humans when a gas pipe started leaking. Firefighters recognized the cat’s intervention as lifesaving.

Aren’t these reasons enough to have a furry friend in your life? Be responsible for the adoption or purchase of a cat. Surely owning a cat is more affordable than having a horse and even than a dog, since they require less baths for example – cats clean themselves, so it is not recommendable to bath them too regularly. Still, make sure you have the conditions to own it and treat it with care and love.