8 Great Gift Ideas for Easter in 2020

Once again, it’s Easter! Filled with egg decoration, treasure hunts, Easter-inspired canvas wall art, and much more, this festival is worth celebration with love ones of all ages. 

Moreover, it is a great opportunity to cheer up your loved ones with a great gift. 

Check out these eight great Easter gift ideas:

#1 Easter Bunny Wine Labels

The Easter celebration means another opportunity to have loads of fun with your near and dear ones. If you have a wine lover in your house, Easter bunny wine labels make the perfect gift. 

The recipient will appreciate the wine bottle if it is decked out with a chic Easter bunny wine label. Match the colors of these cute labels with your own preferences and personality. And if you’re into something more impressive, get the wine lover in your life a wine-inspired canvas wall art.

#2 Easter-Themed Dinnerware

Equip your beloved recipient with something that helps brighten up their dining room table. Invest in a lovely Easter-themed dinnerware that features cure bunnies. 

Choose from salad plates, serving pieces, cereal bowls, dinner sets, and more in colorful, floral designs. You can mix and match various pieces to create an exclusively unique gift for mom, grandma, aunt, or your special someone. 

#3 Easter-themed Fruit Baskets

Got a fitness freak? Then help him, or her avoid extreme sugar in the festive season by gifting a healthy Easter basket. 

Edible arrangements in a basket work their magic with pineapple, honeydew, grapes, sugar-free chocolates, strawberries, and cantaloupe. Everything is sweet, but without artificial sugar! 

Brighten up the look with chocolate-dipped strawberries and pineapple bunnies. Add a note, “Have a Hoppy and Enjoyable Easter!”

#4 DIY Decoupage Basket

Decoupaging Easter baskets make an affordable and super-cute gift idea! The best part is that creating a decoupaging basket is super-easy. Simply pick cheap baskets from a thrift store, by patterned paper or fabric serviette, and start decorating. 

Cut out fabric or paper that will cover all sides of your basket beautifully. Lightly brush a good-quality glue onto the paper or fabric glue on the fabric.

Now, apply it to the basket. Let it dry completely before you fill the basket with Easter goodies.

#5 Bunny-Inspired Bedding Set

Is the recipient a kid? Kids love cute and cartoonist things, no? If so, then you can buy the kid in your life a chic bunny-inspired bedding set. 

Choose a lovely bedding set that features an intricately detailed illustration of bunnies or maybe other animals.

It can also feature wheelbarrows, bucolic merriment, and bunting motifs. Choose a soft and comfortable fabric that feels good to the kid. 

#6 Peter Rabbit Sculpted Money Bank

Inspired by the world’s most famous rabbit, Peter, a sculpted money bank is sure to be loved by the little recipient. The ceramic money bank can feature the money slot in the back or tummy of the Peter with plenty of space inside it.

Money banks are a staple keepsake of everyone’s childhood. The little one will have this precious gift in their bedroom for years to come. 

#7 Hide and Squeak Eggs

Are you looking for a cute eggy present? But you don’t want to steer away from chocolates! If so, then what do you think about a box of shape sorting eggs?

This education gift is ideal for toddlers. Available in bright and attractive colors, little ones are sure to love it and will enjoy it year-round. 

#8 LEGO Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit

For the avid fan of LEGO in your life, a LEGO-themed gift option is perfect, especially for boys of all ages. This great gift stands the test of time and is used again and again for years. 

Choose a creative set complete with three Egg Hunt locations, two LEGO mini figures and accessories to create unique fund hunts to his heart desires. 

These Easter gift ideas fit every budget and are sure to put a huge smile on the recipient’s face.