7 Ways to Make Your Room Cool and Fresh for The Summer Season

Summer is a fun time, but the downside of summer is the heat that accompanies the season. Have you been wondering how to make your room cool and fresh during this summer? You are just in luck; in this post are 7 ways that you can make your room cool and refreshing for and during summer.

1. Plant Trees or Create a Garden

Planting trees or gardens is a great way to cool your home due to the oxygen the plants and trees emit. Areas with lots of trees and plants tend to feel more relaxing and refreshing than ones without.

To make your room cool and fresh during the summer, you can plant trees, plants, and shrubs, in your backyard garden, or close to your room to beat the heat associated with summer. Trees take longer to grow, but when they do, they would provide your home with cool refreshing air and also serve as an outdoor relaxation spot.

They also reduce the heat coming into your home while also giving your abode an exotic ambiance. If you want plants and shrubs by the summer season, you need to plant and water them early on, so that they can grow before the heat comes.

However, if you are a lover of indoor plants, you can consider putting plant pots in your room. They would keep your room refreshed and cooled.

2. The Right Mattress

Using a mattress that conducts heat during summer can be like shooting yourself in the leg. The heat would make sleeping on that bed extremely uncomfortable, and also, increase the heat levels in your room. This is why you should get the appropriate mattress for each season or better get something that is functional and effective for all seasons.

 7 Ways to Make Your Room Cool and Fresh for The Summer Season

When choosing a new bed, especially during the summer, you should choose a mattress that helps you stay cool all through the night. You can consider buying a memory foam; it offers optimum breathability for better air circulation. You can check out BedAdvisor.com for durable mattress, with optimum breathability support

3. Block-out the Sun

When most people think of summer, they think of the scorching sun and that’s accurate. The sun is so well enjoyed by most people, but it can make your room an oven if care is not taken. The sunbeams send in heat, and this is why it should be blocked out, to beat the summer heat.

Ensure that the curtains, drapes, and window blinds are drawn over the doors and windows at all times to help keep the sun and the heat associated with it out. You can consider buying insulated curtains and blinds or reflective window panels; they are useful in helping the room maintain its temperature while keeping out the heat. 

4. Get Ceiling Fans and Portable Fans

The use of fans is another effective way to make your room cool and refreshed. Fans promote air circulation and rotation by creating a wind-chill effect through blowing the room’s air around.

Using fans would help you cool down the room without considerably increasing your utility bills. You can also use your ceiling fans and portable fans to complement your air conditioner.

For instance, you can place a box fan close to your window to circulate fresh, cool air around your room whenever the heat becomes unbearable.

5. Enhance Your Room’s Insulation 

You can try to enhance your room’s insulation so that your room can retain a normal room temperature. Inspect your room for air leaks and drafts in windows and doors, and get them sealed.

Alternatively, you can hire insulation installation service providers to install insulation features in your room. Install shutters on windows, buy insulated drapes and windows blinds. Fix insulation sheets on drywalls and attics to keep your room airtight. Doing all these will ensure that your rooms retain room temperature while preventing the heat from outside from getting into your room.

6. Portable Air Conditioner

Even if you have a central air conditioner in your house, having a portable air conditioner is still an excellent way to enjoy a cool room during the summer.

It is a cost-effective choice during the summer; it would reduce the room’s heat while also cooling and dehumidifying the room. Even if you don’t have a central AC, you can still use the portable one knowing that it performs similarly to the central air conditioner.

7. Power-efficient Stove

During the summer, the use of a power-efficient stove for cooking is an effective way to reduce the heat in the house. Power-efficient stoves such as biogas and solar coolers don’t emit as much heat as the regular stove and oven.

If you don’t have a power-efficient stove, cook only light meals that won’t take time. This is because cooking indoors adds heat and humidity to the house to a large extent. The moisture buildup and condensation would also increase the temperature in the house, causing your fans and air-conditioners to work more than necessary.

You don’t have to endure the summer heat all through the season when you can do something to combat it. By planting trees, insulating your room, using fans, and air conditioners, you can significantly reduce the heat in your room, and have a great summer.