7 Tricks to Make a Small Studio Apartment Look Bigger

If you live in New York, San Francisco, or some other prime location in the US, then you can understand the plight of those who don’t have a place of their own and have to rent an apartment. Most people simply can’t afford to buy a house in these cities considering that even the rent is over the top which is something even developers agree. This is the reason why many have to live in small studio apartments which can feel quite cramped at times. If you are living in one yourself and wondering if you can somehow make it look more comfortable, then you are at the right place!

The following are few tips and tricks on making your small studio apartment look more spacious than it really is:

  1. Installing Mirrors

Setting up more mirrors in your apartment can do wonders for the space. This is because they naturally bounce light around which can brighten the rooms and make them full of life and character.

Large-size mirrors when places strategically can add lots of pseudo-space to your room. Many small shop owners actually use this trick in many parts of the world. They cover the entire wall at the end of their shop so that it can give the impression of the shop being twice its size.

  1. Painting it White

You may already know that painting your walls is one of the best low-cost ways to give your home a makeover. However, did you know that choosing the right paint can also make it look bigger?  

Everyone has their favorite color and you may have yours. However, if you really want to make your studio apartment look bigger and better, then you must avoid using dark paints like red, navy blue, violet, etc. For best results, pick white or at least one that’s close to white. This is because bright walls are more reflective which makes the house look airier and more open. On the other hand, dark colors tend to absorb light which shrinks the apparent room size.

  1. Taking a Minimalistic Approach

Going minimalistic with the design is one of the best ways to furnish your house. It’s also a recommended approach when you want to turn your studio apartment into an open and breathable space.

What you want to do is get rid of all the clutter that’s in your apartment. Only keep what you absolutely need and discard or donate what you can live without. You can even sell many of the unnecessary furniture pieces, books, decorative items, etc. on eBay or similar websites. Besides, bringing down the number of possessions can also lower your insurance premium, even though something like renters insurance costs much less than you think anyway.

  1. Embracing Large Furniture Pieces

When you have got limited carpet area, then your instinct will tell you to get small furniture pieces to save space. However, it isn’t as good of an idea as you think. This is because small pieces will only draw attention to the small size of your apartment. So, while there is nothing wrong with picking a few pieces that are small, you should also pick another few that are large to maintain a balance. Besides, you can get pieces that can be used for various purposes- a bench that has a storage unit, a couch that can double into a table, etc. In this way, you can get more function out of limited items.

  1. Adding Stripes

Using wallpapers, paintings, etc. that use stripes can create the illusion of more space. This is because horizontal stripes make the room look wider, and vertical stripes help to draw the eye upward. It’s a simple trick but can be quite effective if used correctly.

  1. Being Selective in Furniture

When buying furniture, you should look for two things. First, the furniture pieces should have exposed legs rather than skirts. This is because with the latter, sofas, beds, etc. can feel quite boxy and bulky. Second, rather than solid furniture that’s made of wood or metal, try to find pieces that use see-through materials like glass so that the transparency can prevent obstruction of vision. A good example of this is a table that has a glass table top.

  1. Pick Plain Upholstery

Don’t pick pieces that have complex design patterns. Instead, pick solid-color upholstery to make your apartment look neat and organized. Plain upholstery also helps in maintaining the clean lines of furniture pieces which is a big plus.

So, as you can see, you don’t have to live in an apartment that feels tight and uncomfortable. The tricks above can help you make it more open and spacious easily. Good luck!