7 Things You Should Do to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Dogs are a part and parcel of our daily lives, and we are responsible for their care and protection. However, many people lack the knowledge on how to ensure this. While America has laws that protect the rights of animals and pets, other countries do not. These laws bind many people to do what is right and what is just; however, it shouldn’t be necessary to care for animals out of legal obligation. Instead, you should treat your pets well out of love and respect.

Here is a list of what you can do to keep your pet healthy.

  1. Do some exercise

Now, this is a very basic activity that can boost your pet’s health. Make sure that your dog actually enjoys and experiences life – by exercising! Be sure to schedule a jog regularly so they can get fresh air and stretch their muscles. Pro-tip for you, though – don’t forget to stretch in advance!

  1. Eat well

A healthy dog starts from the inside; that is quite evident when you see a well-fed dog vs. a starved dog. Dr. Marty Pets Dog Resources can provide you with nutritional guides to ensure your pet is getting the best diet they can. They also have the best dog food on the market! Do you want a healthy dog? Then try them out.

  1. Vaccinate

This is vital, as it ensures that your dog will not be a danger to you or the people around them due to disease or illness, but it also safeguards your pet against sicknesses that are unpleasant for them!

  1. See your vet regularly

Make your dogs’ vet one of your closest friends. The welfare of your dog can be well-monitored by your vet, allowing them to advise you on what to do and what to avoid, such as if certain foods irritate your dog’s diet or if they need more walks. Vets also come in handy at times of hardship, such as when your dog is sick or hurt. In addition to vet checkups, it’s smart to have pet insurance as well. Bivvy offers some great options so make sure you check them out.

  1. Enough rest

Some people love adventure – and so do dogs! While it’s great to take your dog hunting, running, or swimming, be sure to let them rest and recuperate. They get overly tired as well, and straining them is bad for their health.

  1. Keep away from parasites

Make sure that your dog’s sleeping, eating, and running area is quite clean. While this includes washing the bedding and cleaning the food bowl, it can also include spraying your yard for insects or mopping the floor.

  1. Spray your pet

Spraying your pet keeps their health in check, killing off pests that can live in their fur and harm their health.  To those breeds of dogs that are quite hairy, it is good to give them a new haircut every now and then. This will make them look neat, and your home will not be left with dog fur all over the couch and the floor!