6 Budget-Friendly Upgrades to Make to Your Home This Year

Whether your home is a new build or more vintage, you can benefit from simple and financially friendly upgrades. Doing all or some of these things will help you feel more settled and ensure that your house feels like a home.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is all the rage recently. This concrete floor coating can be customized, meaning it is completely designed by you for whichever room you have in mind. Epoxy flooring can be used as a coat around pools, patios, basements, garages, and more. The flooring is durable with resistance to damage which is attractive in the heavily affected areas like the garage. It is safe and easy to clean. An epoxy coat can be used on countertops as well.


Has it been a while since you have checked on your refrigerator, washer/dryer, dishwasher, or other appliances? As time goes on these start to show signs of wear and tear. Additional wear can come depending on where you live due to weather like heat, cold, or storm damage. Using an appliance repair service lets you keep your home in good condition without spending big bucks on major brands. The good news is whether it is appliance repair in Oahu or appliance repair in Minnesota you will be happy with maintaining your loved appliances since it will save you money in the long run.

Outdoor Lighting

Lights are a double-whammy because of the fun and peace of mind they provide. Your visitors, family members, and your own future self will be thankful that each step outside is secure and not tentative. Outdoor lighting is also customizable for what feel you want for your home. Motion sensor lights and LED lights are becoming more popular because of the have cost savings while still having the benefits of enjoying your outdoor space and feeling secure.

A Fresh Coat

 6 Budget Friendly Upgrades to Make to Your Home This Year

Just like you feel spruced up with the perfect jacket, your house will have a new elegant tone with just a new coat of paint. It is fun to get to choose new colors, and have a giant canvas to work with, but even just painting small sections like cabinets, doors, bathrooms, or hallways will upgrade your home. Don’t forget to prep, give yourself enough time, and avoid common mistakes.

Water Filter

Not all water tastes the same, right? We can agree with that! Many people have preferred bottled water, but you can save money and reduce waste by putting in a water filter. This has the same clean taste. Drinking water has health benefits, but drinking unsafe water can have health consequences. It would be an investment to use this budget-friendly hack on your home versus hospital bills later on. Whether you install a water filter around a few sinks or filter water for the whole home, your future self will thank you.

Curb Appeal

 6 Budget Friendly Upgrades to Make to Your Home This Year

There is so much potential in your outside yard. The outside of homes is what people notice when going into neighborhoods. Like painting the inside of your home, you can freshen up your deck with a powerwash or restaining. Simple furniture can transform a yard. Planting a flower garden could make your home the envy of the area, and planting a vegetable garden will save you money on food. You could even earn money by selling what you grow. The possibilities are endless for the outdoors, all within a low price.

Your home deserves to be taken care of. Small things make a big difference when it comes to the area you spend the majority of your time in.