5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Winter Garden

When everything dies in the winter time, it can seem like your garden is somewhat worthless.  However, it doesn’t have to be.  You can actually make your garden something special in the winter time with a few tips and tricks!  You can make it something for the whole family to enjoy!  But what are these tips?  Oeco Garden Rooms is here to help you turn your garden into a winter wonderland with their years of experience.  


Your garden’s layout is a very important piece of the puzzle.  If your layout isn’t properly done, when the winter comes around, it can look dead, gloomy, and untidy.  Of course, you don’t want that.  So make sure you plan your garden layout to look beautiful throughout all of the seasons.  A way you can do this is by adding using wall gardens, hedges, or raised flower beds.  These work all year long.


Summer may come with its beautiful and vibrant colours, but winter also has incredible colours.  It’s not just white and grey!  No!  Winter has green colours, and blue hues, and many more.  Some good flower choices that will help you bring in some of these winter colours include Hellebores.  These beauties bloom in a muted version of colours such as pink and purple, and of course, their leaves have green hues.  They look gorgeous in the winter.

Another great option are Clematis Jingle Bells.  These white flowers bloom in December to January, and are white and very petite.  However, the plant itself does grow quite large, growing up to five metres high.  They’ll need some pruning to keep them down, but they are a wonderful edition to the winter garden.


When you think of winter, what does it smell like to you?  Like hot chocolate?  Or peppermint?  Or maybe cinnamon?  Well, these scents work best on the inside of your home, but there are some seasonal scents that you can add into your garden as well.  For instance, planting Witch Hazel will add a very distinct and lovely scent to your winter garden.  And for those who want evergreens in their gardens, the Sarcococca is a wonderful choice.  It blossoms flowers that smell like honey, and would be the perfect edition to any winter garden.


Attracting these little birds would be the perfect edition to a winter garden wonderland since they’re so closely related to the wintertime.  How do you attract them to come to your garden?  Lots of birdseed of course!  Robins often spend time around other birds, so you’ll want to make sure you have enough bird seed for all of them.  Robins also like crushed nuts, so this will help attract them as well.


Adding a fire pit to your winter garden is the perfect addition.  Not only do these work well in the summer and fall, too, but now you can keep warm as you enjoy your beautiful garden in the wintertime as well.