4 Things You Should Know Before Throwing a Party on a Beach

Beaches are great natural spots to host events, especially parties. With a salty breeze, inviting ambiance, and breathtaking views, what’s not to love? When planning your next party, you might want to consider throwing it on a nearby beach. Here are a few things to take into consideration when planning a party at the beach.



  1. A Beach Means Sand


When chilling at the beach, things could get messy, so make sure you and your guests dress accordingly. If there isn’t a pavilion with concrete, then it would be helpful to inform your guests to avoid wearing heels or nice shoes that sand could infest.

With sand being in consideration, outfit choices are limited. Wearing a summer dress is a great outfit idea for a beach party. A floral dress, a blue maxi dress, or a flowy romper are some potential outfit ideas for your next beach get-together. Picking out a dress with a lightweight fabric is a good plan when considering both comfort and style at a beach event.


  1. Ambiance and Potential Theme


A party on a beach might be best with a coordinating theme or vibe. Is it going to be a luau themed party, a party with a more classy vibe, or a blacklight event? These are all amazing themes, but picking a specific vibe makes the event more fun. It also gives people an idea of what to wear.

The decorations should be simple and not too fancy. It would be rather difficult to have a beach party with fancy decorations that are not meant to get sandy or wet. A great way to throw a beach blacklight themed party is by stocking up on accessories and party favors from a company like Premier Glow.This is a fun theme that can be finished off with glow sticks, light-up stunner shades, and pumping beats from a live DJ.

For a luau theme, stock up on leis and hula skirts. Maybe offer a hula contest and limbo for those brave enough. This theme is another way to play into the beach location in a fitting way. A luau might be a better option for day time or sunset beach parties, while blacklight themes are certainly better suited for nighttime.


  1. Know How Big the Group is Going to Be


This is a common issue in this day and age. People RSVP to events on Facebook and don’t end up coming. This makes it difficult to get a definite count. Maybe post in the Facebook event group that you are going to make a Groupme message group for the party. Add the people in the Facebook group who RSVP and tell them that they can exit the Groupme or add friends they are bringing if plans change. This is a better way to get a sure count of who can and can’t make it to your event.


  1. Food and Drink Possibilities


The possibilities for food and drinks are endless, but there are a few things you should consider. Alcoholic drinks aren’t allowed on some beaches, so make sure to check the rules of the beach before bringing your refreshments.

Cleaning up after yourself and being safe are two of the most important things to remember during and after the party. If alcohol is allowed, try a vodka infused watermelon recipe or stock up on fruit flavored beers to fit the beach theme.

When it comes to food, pick a party location with a nearby grill. Eating grilled pineapple and chicken on the beach is a great meal idea that would go with most of the beach-related themes.

Beach parties are sure to be a blast and are perfect for all ages. Don’t forget to take into consideration outfits, theme, beverages, food and the guest list when planning, and you’ll be on your way to a night filled with fun and lasting memories.