4 Home Decor Trends You Should Know About

The way people decorate their homes changes just as any other trends do over the years, and sometimes keeping up with the trends is just a case of making minor adjustments such as updating your home wall art or freshening up your furnishings. 

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got four trends you can quickly bring into your home without spending a fortune. 


Gone are the days of minimalism where decor and furniture are kept as bare as possible. With so many fantastic decor pieces to include in the home, there is an emerging trend of clashing colours, styles and expressions to create high impact but cohesive environments.

Designers are now opting for a busier look with the complete works of colours, textures and moods. Styles from different time periods are often blended together, as well as various patterns and colour schemes. Forget the old rules about clashing patterns or prints – bring maximalism into your home by thrifting interesting pieces of furniture and adding plenty of wall art to each room. 

Don’t be afraid to go overboard!


In the past couple of years, the 70’s have come back in more ways than just in fashion. This retro style is back in the home too! Even 70’s style furniture has increased in price as demand increases. 

Rich, earthy colours in velvety and rough textures have taken pride of place in many living rooms, featured on Instagram and Pinterest timelines alike. This trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast, with bold colours and vintage aesthetics still used for a fashionable decor style. 

Give your room a retro feel by hanging some vintage home wall art in wooden frames, or consider adding a rustic rug to add warmth. 

Home Office

During the pandemic, most were forced to create an office space in the home somewhere whether there was room or not. 

Even if the space was simply a desk with a laptop on it, it’s still possible to spruce this up to put you in the mood for work and make you comfortable for the entire working day. 

Update this space by adding a trendy office chair with a decorative cushion or throw and encourage yourself by hanging some motivational quotes to give you the final 5 pm push!


Plants have been a massive trend in the past few years, with homeowners bringing the outside into their homes to make your space feel lighter and healthier. 

The great thing about plants is that, similarly to the maximalist trend, you can never have too many, and they will only brighten the space no matter what your colour scheme. 

If you’re a serial plant killer, bring the botanical theme into your home by buying home wall art featuring different plants. This will give the same aesthetic as a real plant but without the hassle of keeping it alive.

Staying on trend never seemed so simple, and you don’t have to worry about saving up every time you want to change your interior decor. 

All it takes is a few tactical wall prints and artistic pieces, and voila! Your home is insta-ready!