3 Renovations that Will Dramatically Improve Your Home

Home is where the heart is, but a home needs more than just heart! There also needs to be a few warm spaces in which you can sleep, eat, and relax. Anywhere you live is home, but there are a few ideas for renovations which will transform your domicile, making it more inviting for you, friends and family.

Here are 3 renovation ideas to really lift up your home.

  • Beautify the Bathroom 

The more beautiful the bathroom, the easier it is to forget about some of the rather unsavoury things going on in there. A bathroom with nicer touches definitely makes people feel cleaner and more hygienic.

It’s a smart investment to make bathroom renovations because, unlike more niche renovations like an indoor pool, everybody uses a bathroom. Adding windows to brighten it up and air it out will have universal appeal. Unless they really speak to you and your budget allows for it, you don’t need to install things with narrow appeal like a sink shaped like a swan, or a solid gold toilet

  • Kitchen Expansion 

You don’t need to be a pro chef to enjoy having ample room to cook and prepare food. Everybody has to eat, and investing money into improving a space where you spend hours cooking and readying food is a good idea.

Maybe you need more counter space, or you’d like to brighten things up with more windows or a new lighting scheme. Whatever it is, make it your own; the making of food is of central importance, but the kitchen is also the spiritual centre of the home, and you’ll feel more attached to your home when your kitchen really speaks to you.

  • Basement Renovations

Finishing that basement is a big step in completing the home and it can really make the space you live in feel larger. Converting under-utilized space into an extra bedroom, a playroom for the kids and even adults is a general way to get more use from your home. Make it a warm and bright space to be, so you don’t get that dank and low-ceiling feeling of a basement.

You can also turn your extra space into somewhere that facilitates your hobbies or finish projects that inspire you. Do you want a room to entertain friends and watch movies in? You can build a bar or design a theatre room. Do you build DIY projects? Design a work shop. 

You can really let your identity run wild when it comes to renovating a basement, only make sure you get a trustworthy general contractor: correcting unnecessary mistakes is always more expensive than investing properly the first time.

Renovating your home is a way to improve the spaces where you and the people closest to you enjoy down time, away from work and the daily grind of life. Yes, home is where the heart is, but it’s even better with custom renovations that suit your needs and personality.