10 storage ideas for a stand out dining room

These stunning dining room additions can also be used as an attractive way to hide your clutter

The dining room is the peak of elegance and luxury in the home. This is where we sit down for fancy meals and family events, enjoying the space in a homely, relaxed and decadent atmosphere. However, like any room in a family home, the dining room is not immune to the dreaded curse of clutter. Somehow without even trying, we seem to accumulate a huge amount of stuff, and this can make it difficult to master that sleek minimalist design we all dream about.

We don’t tend to think about storage in the dining room, but implementing storage effectively into the space can not only give you a place to hide all your clutter, but can even make the space look more luxurious overall. To help you uncover the perfect storage for your dining room, here are our 10 top picks for ways to create a stand out dining space using stunning storage.

A classic corner seat

A corner seat or window seat is the perfect way to introduce seating and storage in one stylish addition. Window seats will make your dining room a place that can be enjoyed throughout the day as well as during the evening, and many window seat designs come with the option of a removable top, revealing plenty of storage beneath for the items you’re unlikely to use very often. A corner option can provide seating for more than one person while offering the same storage.

Ladder-style shelving

For a magnificently modern dining design, choose ladder style shelving. This is a great way to store some of the items which you’re happy to put on show, such as your most elegant books, ornaments, plants and flowers. You can also add a personal touch by displaying family photographs.

You can even use it to store a music player and a selection of CDs to play when hosting a family get together or an elegant dinner party.

Floating shelves

Like the ladder bookshelf, floating shelves offer a modern way to display all your favourite items which you’re proud to show off to friends and family. However, with floating shelves you don’t need to worry about using up floorspace, so even the cosiest dining room or area can put this storage solution into practice. The idea of floating shelves is to create storage without looking bulky, so you can maintain the look of a light and airy space for entertaining.

A vintage sideboard

Vintage furniture is a fantastic addition to any space in your home, as it is completely unique, unarguably durable and universally stunning. In the dining room especially, vintage furniture can help increase the level of elegance and luxury in the space while also offering a practical purpose. The best vintage sideboard is one that looks great and holds enough space to hide away any knick-knacks you don’t want out on display. It also offers surface space for an attractive display, so be sure to explore online vintage stores like Vinterior.

A larder-style cupboard

Mix together the elegance of a dining room with the charm of a traditional pantry by introducing a larder-style cupboard into the space. This will give you an attractive unit for all your most beloved ingredients, and you won’t have to traipse from room to room collecting seasoning and condiments.

Hanging storage

If you’re foregoing traditional dining elegance in favour of a characterful rustic look, then don’t be afraid to use storage methods which you would normally consider only in the kitchen. Hanging racks are usually used for pots and pans, but they can also be a great way to display quirky ornaments, light fixtures and greenery in a countryfied dining room.

Fitted benches

Another more rustic option is an in-built bench with storage underneath. This replaces traditional dining chairs as a place to sit and enjoy your evening meal, and it helps to create a more relaxed and conversational atmosphere. You can increase the rustic vibe by storing your items in wicker baskets underneath the bench.

A simple round table

Not all of your storage needs to be hidden away, and sometimes a simple bit of surface space is all you need. We tend to reserve end tables and side tables for the bedroom or living room, but they can also feature beautifully in the dining room. A simple round table, displayed in a corner or alcove, is a great place to display a collection of glasses, a stack of plates or a water jug where they are easy to get to and admire.

Use your trim

If you can’t see anything at eye level to help with your storage dilemma, turn your attention upwards. Many dining room designs have a trim going right the way round the top of the walls, and this is a clever, quirky place to display some of your favourite ornaments.

When all else fails, use your dining table

If what you need to store in your dining room is mostly crockery, cutlery and glassware, don’t be afraid to use your dining table. Instead of putting your plates away, keep them out on display on a dining table that’s already set and ready to be used. This will give your home the air of a magazine-style show home, and encourage you to use the dining room more instead of simply eating on your knee in front of the television.