10 Most Common Workplace Accidents and Injuries One Should Know

Accidents are common and they can occur anywhere. However, when they occur in workplace there are many extra concerns you should think about. 

Was the accident due to your negligence? Or there is somebody else?

These questions are very helpful to understand who is liable for your accident.

If it happened due to the actions or negligence of someone else, you may be able to file for workers’ compensation. 

Below are the few common workplace injuries you should be aware of:

Manual Labor

Are you involve in carrying, pushing, moving and lifting heavy equipment then heart problems, back injuries, and broken limbs are more susceptible. If you think your job is so difficult, tiring, and hectic and can put your life at risk you must talk to your owner. It employer’s responsibility to provide you with safe working environment.

Slips and Falls

In general, slips & falls accounts for more than a million injuries each year. 

Slips and fall occur due to:

  • Wet and damaged floors
  • Oily floors
  • Wreckage on the floor
  • Defective stair and other hazards

This type of accident can affect an employee of any field. It can cause many injuries like broken bones, sprains and head trauma.

What to do when you slip and fall in a store?

If it happens because of employer’s negligence you may ask for compensation and free medical treatment.

Accidents during Construction

This is the most dangerous field and that’s why recognized widely. Construction is associated with a number of different types of workplace accidents. Construction accidents can be electrocution, falls, struck-by objects and caught-in or between accidents. 

Vehicle Accidents

There are many people who drive for many businesses and they often injured during an accident. Sometimes accidents are very severe. Training must be given by employees to avoid such accidents.

Falling From Heights

This type of accident happens from a raised area such as roofs, ladders, and stairways. It mostly happen due to defective equipment or by slipping. You must be careful while involving in such activities. Fall protection equipment should be there to protect employees.

Machine Predicament

Heavy equipment and machinery can cause this type of accident. Mostly body parts like fingers and hair get stuck in machines and caused injury. Employees should wear protective equipment while doing work to avoid such injuries.

Fires and Explosions

Fires and explosions are very common injuries at workplace can cause plentiful injuries and fatalities. Fires and explosion occur in different working environments i.e. oil fields, chemical storage facilities. Safety measures should be taken while working in such an environment.

Crashes and Smashes

Crashes are different in nature it can happen due to different vehicles like cars, folks, Lorries, and trucks. It can cause seriously horrid consequences. 

Employers should explain well to employees wear seat belts and follow all safety rules to avoid such crashes.

There are many other types of accidents at the workplace that can be harmful. The only way to overcome these accidents to follow precautionary measures. There are numerous things employers can do to avoid their employees from coming to any preventable injury. 

Good training, elaborated signage, and access to all the important safety equipment can be of great help. Regular risk assessments are also a very good idea. You can’t always legislate for sheer absent-mindedness, but you can at least avoid a lot of unnecessary mishaps.