The Absolute Best Gin Cocktails 

When it comes to a special event, other than food, cocktails make or break a party. If you are trying to throw together a fabulous party or an important event, keep reading. I have put together a helpful and easy list of the best gin cocktails and their food pairings for a fun, tasty, and impressive evening. 

Let’s drink!

#1: Impress the Boss

Who doesn’t want to throw a smashing party to really knock the bosses socks off? If you are looking to get a raise, promotion, or just want to be known as “that guy”, here is a yummy menu everyone will appreciate. 

Seafood pairs perfectly with Gin as both are fresh and clean and naturally go with citrus. Serve oysters in a half-shell and seared scallops for the perfect tapas at your next soiree. For the best gin cocktails and seafood pairings, consider a Barentsz Mandarin & Jasmine Gin. The bright citrus-flavoured Gin is a yummy pairing with seafood. Serve neat with an orange twist. 

Another popular cocktail choice is a dirty martini. Great for a company get together, these martinis are “dirty” because of the olive juice. Stir gin, vermouth, and olive juice in a glass with ice. Garnish with a green olive. 

#2: Holiday Parties

If you are stuck hosting this year’s family holiday party, don’t dismay. There are so many easy and fun ways you can throw a great bash without the headache. First, let’s talk about desserts. Everyone loves chocolate and cheesecake. Serve a chocolate raspberry cheesecake with a not-so-traditional gimlet. 

If you haven’t heard elderflower goes beautifully with gin. Its aromatic and floral flavour makes for a lovely cocktail. To create this pretty drink, shake elderflower and Jasmine Gin, lemon juice, and elderflower cordial. This is hands down of the best gin cocktails you can serve with only 3 ingredients!

#3: High Tea 

It is always lovely to have a tea party. Teas like Earl Grey pair nicely with Gin and deserts as well. You can bake Earl Grey and Lavender infused scones and serve a French 75. This popular gin cocktail features an earl grey infusion, lemon juice, simple syrup, and Prosecco. The fun bubbly beverage will be a big hit for any tea. 

#4: The Dinner Party 

Cocktails are an absolute must for a dinner party. If you are doing something for the family consider making a delicious and rich pasta alfredo or seared sea bass. Doing something more outside of the box? Then why not go international and cater dim sum which pairs perfectly with Gin. 

One of the best gin cocktails you can pair is always a G&T. For a twist, use Barentsz Mandarin & Jasmine Gin and add a real twist of orange for a fresh garnish. 

Take Away 

Gin is so dynamic and can be paired well with practically everything. Be sure to stock up so you are always ready for a party. Try one or all of these gin cocktails and their pairings to really impress.