Why a Wedge Pillow Can Improve Your Health

Many people fail to take into account that the position of your body when you rest is vital for your health. That is why; a wedge pillow can make a huge difference in your life. Most people fail to understand why wedge pillows are different from the regular fluffy bags that we are used to. According to experts, there are so many things that these special pillows can help you solve as far as your health is concerned, and they include;

Help regulate blood circulation

When you sleep, your heart rate slows down as well. For the elderly, the heart muscles may not be strong enough to pump blood adequately to the rest of the body. The same applies to someone who has undergone surgery. By positioning a wedge pillow behind your legs and another one of your back, you will make it possible for blood to circulate more efficiently to avoid symptoms like swelling of joints and other sensitive parts.

Prevent glaucoma and intraocular pressure

When you lie down on your back, there is intraocular pressure that acts on the fluid inside the eyes. This pressure is at its maximum when your head is in such a position that leaves your eyes facing directly up. You stand a high risk of developing glaucoma if you are used to sleeping in this position.

Wedges pillows are known to incline the body reducing the intraocular pressure slightly. This pressure can lead to other eye discomforts like causing them to swell or itch due to the disturbance caused by fluid pressure imbalance.

Promotes digestion

Experts say that the rate of digestion fastens when you are in a lying position. However, you will want to lie in a position where acid influx does not affect you. A Wedge pillow will keep your body inclined enough to prevent digestive acids from traveling back to the food pipe.

Additionally, it will enable food to flow down your digestive system with the help of gravity thanks to the fact that your body is uniformly inclined towards one direction.

Improves health during pregnancies

We all know that acid influx is one of the problems that pregnant mothers have. To add on that, all the extra weight that comes with pregnancies can be stressful to the spinal cord hence leading to back pains. Inclined pillows have been known to be the perfect remedy when it comes to providing pregnant mothers with comfort. Additionally, wedge pillows are helpful even after delivery since they give the required shoulder support for the mother to nurse her newly born.

The health advantages of wedge pillows are endless especially when it comes to things dealing with comfort. Although not so many people are concerned about their body resting position, it is essential to know that it means everything. Sleeping in a wrong position can be risky especially if it has anything to do with your back pain. That can only mean that you are putting excess pressure on your spinal code and this can have a bad long term result.