What Do The Best Twin Mattresses For Toddlers Have In Common? 

When it comes to choosing mattresses for kids, most especially toddlers, you have to prioritize their needs and take into consideration the support that their small bodies need. As children grow taller, they would need the right body support from mattresses, but some parents shy away from buying high-quality mattresses for toddlers, thinking they might easily outgrow the bed. This is where twin mattresses come in. 

A twin mattress or a “single” mattress is best for toddlers because it’s the smallest mattress size compared to a crib-size mattress. The dimensions of a twin mattress usually measures 38 inches wide by 75 inches long, which can support the height and weight of toddlers as they grow up.

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In this post, you’ll realize the value of investing in the best twin mattresses for toddlers and what they have in common. 

Memory Foam 

The best twin mattresses for toddlers come in memory foam. It’s about time to upgrade your kid’s mattress to memory foam because it conforms to the body of children very well. Make sure to also choose a mattress that has passed the flammability standards to ensure safety.

Here are the benefits of memory foam for toddlers: 

  • Relieve neck, hip, and feet pressure. 
  • Your toddler will have comfortable sleep without tossing and turning to get the best bed spot. 
  • There are memory foam mattresses with only a light smell. Choosing a mattress without overpowering chemical scents is better so the odor will wear off faster. 
  • Memory foam mattresses provide good spine support. 

Reduce Common Sleep Problems 

If your little one seems to exhibit irritable behavior for days or weeks, it could be due to their lack of sleep. Toddlers need eight to ten hours of sleep in a day, so it’s crucial to choose the best mattress to reduce common sleep problems. Choose one that provides your toddler with high levels of comfort, as well as good spinal support for proper spine alignment. 

Here are some of the common sleep problems among toddlers: 

  • Misdiagnosed ADHD: Some children are being diagnosed with ADHD because of lack of sleep. However, these children might just be overly tired and cannot get enough sleep due to a mattress that’s too soft or too hard. If ever your toddler is seemingly becoming hyperactive or irritable, you have to check first if they are sleeping properly at night. 
  • Obesity: Sleep is also a defining factor when it comes to proper diet and discipline because hormones tend to get messed up with inadequate sleep. 
  • Mood Swings: Toddlers tend to experience grumpiness and tantrums, and lack of sleep may affect the mood and activities of your little one. If your child is acting rashly, check whether they are getting the right amount of sleep or not.
  • Lack of Focus: Sleep is a vital factor when it comes to focus and concentration. If toddlers don’t get enough sleep or have been daydreaming lately, they would have problems with developing motor skills and may lose interest in learning new things. 
  • Other Signs: Be wary if you notice other signs that your child may not be getting enough sleep, such as being fussy, hyperactive, snoring, groggy, unusually quiet, restless at night, lacking interest, and having separation anxiety.

shutterstock 1059772853 718x479 634x423 What Do The Best Twin Mattresses For Toddlers Have In Common? 

Great Features and Benefits 

The choice of mattress becomes crucial if your toddler transitions from a cot to a real mattress. Experts emphasize that the best beds for toddlers have innerspring mattresses. Each child has unique needs, so it’s best to choose a twin mattress with excellent features that can accommodate these. 

Here are the best features and benefits of twin mattresses: 

  • Good Spine Support: A great twin mattress for toddlers will help align the back because it has the right firmness. Choose either a pure foam or innerspring mattress with moderate firmness.
  • Good Size and Thickness: The perfect mattress thickness for a small child is 12 inches or less. Choosing this size will make it easy for your child to get in and out of bed in case they have to urinate in the middle of the night. It is better to choose a larger mattress because kids grow up fast, so pick a mattress that is larger than the actual height of your child. 
  • Memory Foam with Cooling Gel: While memory foams could be hot, choose one with cooling gels. If your child is a hot sleeper, getting a temperature-neutral mattress is the best option.
  • Motion Isolation: If your children are sharing one mattress, look for an outstanding motion isolation feature. This feature prevents disrupting the sleep of one child when the other gets up or moves. 
  • Sleeping Position: For children who are back sleepers, they are more comfortable with soft to moderate mattress firmness. 
  • Hypoallergenic: Children have very sensitive skin so you might want to buy a hypoallergenic mattress that doesn’t emit excessive off-gas.

Help your little one get restful nights by investing in high-quality twin mattresses. Improve your child’s sleep practices and help develop good sleeping habits by having the right mattress. The best twin mattresses reduce sleep problems, have great features and benefits, and are trusted by many parents.