What Are the Desired Qualities of Industrial Awnings? 

Before we look into the qualities of Industrial Awnings that are required by units of industrial category including large warehouses, Malls, Big shopping centers or any other big concern, it’ll be more advisable to know the actual definition and the cause of its need.

Awning is NOT a roof. It is a roof-like cover that is made of Plastic or Canvas over a steel, aluminum or wood structure. It is an extended part of constructed building which is outside of the building – normally over the entrance, Patio and windows – used as protection from Rain, wind and Sun, to give stunningly beautiful look.

As it is very clear from its definition, it is that extended part that is built outside a building  giving a very attractive look as well as help in protecting the building from the heat of the sun, winds and rain.

Awnings may be fixed or retractable. The basic of it is to give the patio and windows a very beautiful look. However, it is also very important the mechanical parts and construction should be such that are 100% safe and secure.

According to the need, the Awning may be: 

Freestanding i.e. it IS attached to the building but it is normally temporary and portable. It can be retractable or fixed.

Retractable awnings are very popular among industrial and commercial units as these can be rolled back and opened again according to the need of the entrepreneur.

Fixed or stationary Awnings are those that stay long. As per requirement, they are, sometimes, seasonal only.

Immovable or permanent Awnings are installed at places or buildings where there is no issue of storage. However, these Awnings may require a state permit to build.

One of the main features of a good awning is its best ability of having space for advertising material as my advertisers prefer to display their products on the sides and front of awning that is viewed by many visitors to the area. 

Another required good characteristic and the desired feature is the UV protection, from a health point of view. A well UV protected Awning definitely helps in preventing furniture fading etc and creates a much more comfortable environment underneath.

Areas where temperature remains high, solid Awnings are recommended by the experts as they reduce the light penetration from above making the beneath area more comfortable.  Solid Awnings also protect from airborne debris.

Coming back to its aesthetic look, a well chosen color combination gives a very pleasant appearance to the onlookers. However, it is advised to choose the color(s) that also match the original color of the building.

As stated earlier, the mechanism of opening and folding back of the awning, whether manual or motorized, should be well installed by an expert, in order to avoid any mishap. Likewise, the automated option of closing or retracting the awning should also be given the same care and attention.

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