Vaping in Costa Rica

Elvis Presley was singing “Falling in Love with You” in the background while Nikki dozed off. Bryan was driving the car while the wind blew his golden locks away from his face. It was their third day in Costa Rica and they were on the way to Monteverde, the mountainous town of the country.

“Oh, I love this song!” Nikki woke up from her sleep.

“You were sleeping like a child, but snoring.” Bryan teased her.

“Yeah! Of course! Do you want me to drive?”

“This is what I love doing the most and you want to take that away from me?”

“Okay. Keep on then. I’m gonna vape then.”

Nikki took out her e-cigarette from the bag in the back seat of the car and started vaping. The road was long and it seemed like they were on the way to heaven. Nikki looked at the majestic view as she blew vaper smoke out from the car window. As she was vaping, it reminded her of the day she met with Bryan. They were both outside the office of their counsellor. Both of them looked sick and desperate for help. They had visited the psychologist in order to get help for their awful habit of smoking.

“Do you remember the day we met?” Nikki asked.

“Yes. Why do you ask?” Bryan was curious.

“No particular reason. I am just realizing how far we’ve come from where we were. Both of us were chain smokers and wanting for help.  I’m so glad that we met each other.”

 “Yes. Remember how we went to buy our first vape kit together and I asked if you’d like to try it together for the first time?”

“Of course, I do. Ah! I am so glad that we’ve quit smoking and started vaping as a new start in our life.”

As they were talking happily about past and future, they were stopped by a policeman on their way. The policeman didn’t seem very happy seeing them.

“Hello, miss. Could you come out of the car, please. And you too, sir.” The policeman asked.

“Yes, officer. But what’s wrong?” Nikki got anxious.

“Where are you from? Where are you heading? And do you know that cigarettes are not allowed in Costa Rica?” the officer seemed stern.

“We’re from America, officer. Here’s my license. We’re heading towards Monteverde. I have a friend there and we’re planning to go on hiking.  I read the Costa Rica homepage, but I didn’t see them speaking about smoking.” Bryan showed his license to the police.

“Huh! That’s alright. But still you are not allowed cigarettes here and I need to fine you for that.” The officer responded as he looked into Bryan’s license.

“This is not cigarette, officer. It’s an e-cigarette. It’s also called vape and helps people who are addicted to smoking quit the habit. I am sure you’ve heard of it before.” Nikki explained to the officer.

The policeman looked carefully at the vape. He turned it around and saw instructions on it. He looked at Nikki and said, “Yes, I’ve heard about it before. Okay, I can let you go at this time but you guys need to be sure that you find a specific place to use your vape rather than just using it while you’re driving a car.”

“Sure, sir. We’re sorry for the trouble. We’ll be careful from now onwards. Thank you so much, officer.” Bryan shook his hand with the officer.

“You enjoy your stay here at Costa Rica. And don’t forget to visit the rainforests.” The officer bid them goodbye.

As she entered the car, Nikki took the last puff and tossed it into the bag.

“Oh, man. I can’t wait till I reach our destination. I want to use my vape, as well.” Bryan sighed.

“I bet you’d want to. Only if you had let me drive the car when I asked for it.” Nikki laughed.