Types of Horse Racing Still Prevalent in Different Countries

Horseracing can be in many forms, and it will be a mistake to imagine several horses running alongside through the tracks at breakneck speed to earn the top spot is the only form of horseracing. Well, this type of horseracing is the most popular and widely publicized by TVG.com for which some people are ignorant about the less talked about horseracing events that take place around the globe. Many different formats of horseracing take place with each one having its own rules and regulations.

Flat racing

When horses race on a flat track that entails continuous running over a fixed distance, it is an example of flat running. It is the most accepted format of horseracing adopted by almost all the leading competitions that have made horseracing so famous. There are no hurdles or jumps involved in this type of race. The race is the exclusive domain of Thoroughbred horses and can take place on different kinds of surfaces dominated by turf while dirt surfaces and synthetic surfaces are also acceptable.

Endurance riding

It is the race over very long distances, and it tests the endurance level of horses of all breeds that can participate in it. However, Arabian horses are best for the race because of their superior stamina.  This type of racing is one of the equestrian sports practiced in different parts of the world, but its popularity is far less than flat racing and jump-racing. The race takes place over a stretch of 50 to 100 miles while there can be long stretches that take several days to complete.

Jump Racing

It is perhaps second to flat racing in popularity and meant for Thoroughbred horses only. In this form of racing, horses have to overcome obstacles placed in its path that makes the race quite dangerous. Fences, ditches, and hurdles are the common types of obstacles used in the race. The race is famous in the US by the name Steeplechase. The levels of dangers have forced some countries like Australia to stop it although UK, U.S, France, Ireland and some other countries still allow it.

Point to point racing

It is an amateur version of Steeplechase that takes place in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Thoroughbreds that have already participated in the Jump Riding event and set to retire or getting ready to compete in Jump Riding qualify for taking part in point to point racing that draws enormous crowds.

Harness racing

Unlike other forms of horseracing, harness racing entails a horse pulling a sulky or two-wheeled cart. The harness attaches the horse to the cart, which it has to pull along while racing. This race is quite famous in America, some parts of Europe and Australia.    

Quarter horse racing

The race that began in America and remains mostly restricted to the country started in the 1940s. Horses belonging to the American Quarter horse breed take part in the race that is usually a quarter mile long. It is a high-speed race and often results in very close finishes.