Top Tips for Men to Prepare for a Sunny Day on the Beach

Ocean’s knocking on the seashore, and it’s that time of the year again to experience the screeching seagulls, relaxing on the warm gritty sands with the wind blowing gently. In case you forgot to bring your iPod, the soothing sound of the waves striking the moonlit shores is there to save you.

The more desperate I feel to see the water, the more reluctant I am to do the packing. And as an ideal family man, I constantly want to ensure minimal packing rather pressing for space to the edge.

For beach bummer plannings, here is the most essential packing list you don’t want to miss. Don’t sweat it, and get ready for a perfect beach weekend!

1. Style

We all want to escape our monotonous regular life through a pleasant weekend, including our daily clothes. And when it comes to beach time, things can’t get more interesting.

Shirts and Shorts

Whether you are planning to spend most of the time hitting tiki bars or staying around the beach, tropical patterns are forever welcoming. As you will be under heat, try to pick out something really light and comfortable.

Take linen or seersucker, for example, When it comes to shorts, don’t pick out anything too skinny or tight. Don’t go topless or wear all black. Wear layers.


The sandy conditions and the splashes of water don’t thoroughly approve of wearing leather shoes at beaches. A nice pair of flip-flops is locally available for cheap and fits for the beach and light packing.

The rubber material is easily washable, providing the proper amount of space to let your feet rest in peace. For other cases, keep a pair of sneakers to wear with your shorts.

According to Faveable, water shoes are wonderfully useful if you are up for a bit more adventure on the beach. 

Something Decent for Night Outs

While you are counting down your outfits to wear in time of having fun at the beach, don’t forget about taking one pair of decent shoes if your stay includes a night out.

2. Beach Essentials

Sandy beaches and the shimmering sunlight are not something your body is used to on a regular basis. Following the overheated atmosphere, here are a few things you should make sure you put in your bag.


According to swimwear cautions, it’s always suggestable to wear your trunks a few inches above the knee, leaving some bare space on the thigh. As you will be staying in your trunks all day, it’s wise to pick swimwear that is both stylish and comfortable.

A Mesh Beach Tote Bag

A tote bag will be very useful to carry all the stuff you need to hang around the beach, such as your electronics, sunscreen, lotion, books, water bottle, or extra pair of clothes.

Purchase a mesh beach tote bag that will keep your belongings away from the sand and is easily cleanable.

An Oversized Beach Towel

While crashing down the coast, you are most likely to take your forever used tattered beach towel with you. It’s an utterly trivial thing to invest in, but sometimes it could make you super comfortable.


You will be left soggy with an old towel. Try taking a good, fabricated towel with vivid patterns to stand out and find your way back to your car easily.

Plastic Bag to Carry Wet Clothes

This is something you might overlook, but stowing a plastic bag won’t lapse much of your space. You will feel the need for it when you struggle with the soaked clothes to pack in a hurry.


Bring two to three-bed sheets for a good basecamp under your shade. Keep something hard and relatively stable to secure the four corners. A portable beach mat is more preferable if you want to provide yourself relatively more luxury.

Beach Umbrella

Although there are beach umbrellas available to rent, it’s wise to carry your own. In the midst of all the fun, don’t forget to save yourself from the harmful UV rays. Buy an umbrella that ensures 360 coverage to your body.

Bug Cautions

A breeze-free day means a little fight with the bugs. Whether you are with your family or friends, take a natural insect repellent with you to protect yourselves from the vile creatures and keep your party safe from uninvited guests.

Water Bottles

Keep a water bottle to carry some mineral water or any of your favorite drinks. No harm in having your own thirst mitigator.

Portable Charger

Can’t keep your hands off your phone? Especially in a weekend where you are out to make more memories and snap all of it? Then this is a must keep for you. Buy a portable charger and stash it in your luggage before you forget it.

3. Accessories

Now that you are almost done with a complete beach packing, it’s time to put some icing on the cake.

An Oversized Hat

It’s odd to think a hat would save all of your hair from the wreck of the sandy wind, but you won’t mind getting a little protection and uplift your look wearing a nice hat.

A Pair of Sunglasses

A great pair of sunglasses is going to elevate your look even more. Try luminous colors and big lenses. They will enhance your sunny outfit. You can also pick polarized sunglasses as well. They help eliminate the light bouncing from the water or sand and enhance color contrasts. To protect your sunglasses from accidental fall,  get a Luxe strap.

4. Skin

You surely want to enjoy the sun on a perfect beach day, but at the same time, you do not want to damage your skin. As the beach heat is quite more than the regular sunshine you face,  pick a high SPF sunscreen for your day out.

Make sure to check the labels for water resistant and waterproof. Don’t miss this important piece to save your skin from the damage in the scorching heat.

5. Extra Luxuries

So now that you are done pressing all the important stuff down to your beach trip, it’s time for some extra fun. After finishing the essentials, you can add some of these elements to your checklist.

  • Fins
  • Adult Toys
  • Floating Device
  • Go-Pro
  • Waterproof phone case
  • A waterproof and sand-proof outdoor Bluetooth speaker
  • A pop-up beach tent    


Have more adventurous plans while you are thinking to hang around beaches? Surf lesson? Freediving? Or flyboarding? Consider all your other activities and pack other essentials you will need according to that.

With that, enjoy your sunny, sandy weekend to the fullest!