Top Cleaning Products You Need at Home

Just like anything that requires good results, cleaning your house demands hard work, meticulousness, and dedication. You can’t just clean your house once in a blue moon and expect to it to be spotless for the entire year. All-out, seasonal cleaning and the daily, quick tidying contribute to keeping a home well maintained and always clutter-free. If you’re confused on how and where to begin, start by checking if you have these top cleaning products needed in making cleaning your home a breeze.

Rubber Gloves. First thing’s first, protect yourself from substances that can be harmful to your skin by keeping a pair of rubber gloves handy. The gloves create a barrier between you and the chemicals. Likewise, when performing rather nasty tasks like cleaning the oven and scrubbing the toilet, this good old companion can give you a more pleasant cleaning experience. Rubber gloves also help increase your grip. Choose one that is waterproof and latex-free.

Microfiber duster. Dusters are used to remove dust from furniture and surfaces. But you don’t want just any dusters. Since dust is negatively charged, it is attracted to positively charged microfiber material, that’s why it is best to always go for a high quality microfiber duster. There are different types of microfiber dusters. It can come in a wand, glove, sponge, or handle. You can identify a good microfiber duster because it’s capable of holding on to dust until it’s washed or rinsed out.

Vacuum. A basic cleaning device, vacuum gets rid of dust and dirt from floors, carpet, and other surfaces like drapes and upholstery. A full-size vacuum is best for general and seasonal cleaning, while handheld, mini vacuums are useful when doing quick and easy cleaning each time you spot a mess. There are a variety of vacuums in the market that you will sure find something that will fit your lifestyle.

Cookware Scrubbers. If you want to do a proper cleaning, the kitchen and all its kitchenware should not be neglected. But we all know how cooking, baking, and grilling can leave unwanted residues in your beloved cookware. Make sure to liberate your pots and pans from layers of gunk and blackened char that accumulate by getting a good cookware scrubber. Choose one that is effective enough yet also gentle for the type of material you have on your cookware.

All-purpose cleaner. When it comes to keeping surfaces shiny and bright, a help from a cleaning agent is always convenient. Pick a good all-purpose cleaner that combines all functions in cleaning wood, tile, glass, plastic and others. Instead of buying one specific cleaner for each, you can opt for this one to save you money and space.

Baking Soda. Oh, the wonders of baking soda! Baking soda has proven to be a good remedy when it comes to stubborn stains. Depending on your need, you can sprinkle baking soda or use it with water and/or vinegar or lime. Among others, baking soda can remove carpet stains, refresh the fridge, and get rid of funky sink smell.