Tips to Make Your Instagram Feed Unforgettable

If you are not the tech-savvy person and don’t have an idea on how you can make your feed awesome, then these are the tips for you to decorate your feed with your ideas. Instagram is a must thing in everyone’s life with 800+ million users and tons of advertisers. We hope you are aware that how important it is to implement a strategy on Instagram for being popular. Posting random photos or videos on the page won’t solve the purpose.

Let’s discuss some of the feed tips which can help in making the feed look better and increase the likes and followers. It is always an easy method to buy Instagram followers but retaining them requires strategy.

What is Instagram Feed?

It is always necessary to go through research before implementing techniques and strategies. You might have heard a lot of social media researchers talking about the Instagram feed. It is basically the showcase of your profile which shows the number of photos that you have uploaded in your profile. There is always a need to improve the feed instead of just posting random content. First, figure out what is the favorable outcome that you want from the platform and second, once the strategy is implemented, you know what next steps you need to take.

So, making changes to the feed is all about the purpose of using Instagram for your business or product. According to some researchers, Instagram is all about 100% engagement which is quite true but alongside brands uses it for driving results.

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Using a Theme

Using a theme for your posts is always a good idea. It is not just for the sake of attracting new customers but also keeps the existing and new followers connected to the brand and updated about the next steps. You can use the same set of filters for all the photos to maintain the tone across the profile.

  • Seasonal Theme– It can be used for a limited period of time for sales promotion, limited time offers or festivals like Christmas, etc.
  • Branding Elements– You can use the brand elements to make your Instagram feed look cool. It is not all about using the logo, graphic icons, etc. but keeping a touch of your brand.
  • Unique Colors– It connects the brand with the followers and every time the post pops up in the news feed of the followers, they are already aware of the posts from your brand.
  • Right Fonts– Using text in the visual can enhance the quality of your feed and make it more interesting for the follower to spend some time reading.
  • Illustrations– Uploading just the camera clicked photos and videos can be monotonous and there is a need for the change. You can play with the illustrations in your posts and using different contexts.
  • Multiple Photos– It is a great way to update the consumer about a particular product or service through multiple photos or videos in one post.

Creating an Instagram account cannot be as difficult as it can be to promote the feed and engaging the followers. It becomes an integral part of an Instagram strategy to decorate your feed.