The Warm Greetings of the Season

Seasons greetings Christmas cards have become a tradition in various parts of the world. Many businesses have converted it to standard practice to create awareness of their companies to their potential clients.

Whether your clients are just next to you or miles away, the post offices have facilitated this tradition for almost two centuries. The cards give your clients a high lift and a warm feeling in their hearts. The connection keeps the spirit of Christmas ringing, just as the lights and decorations of the holiday brightens the season.

Thanks to advancements in technology, we don’t have to take months to deliver a message again. The majority of companies can send their message to any part of the word within seconds. There is more to consider to make these cards more appealing. Here are five ways in which you can craft an outstanding Christmas card:

1. Be Relevant

Even if a standard holiday greeting is compulsory, some are so obvious that they only belong to a pile of snow-covered holiday cards. I am sure you won’t like to be “me too’ed” with your end of year warm wishes. Try to consider the needs and interests of your recipient. For Example, to outdo other “season’s greetings” crowd business, you can opt to reinforce your brand and the purpose of your business with your clients.

2. Ensure the Card Adds Value

Like any other marketing strategy you apply, you need to figure out how to add value to your target audience. For example, you might include tips on how to handle the winter month or include a recipe for one of their favorite dishes. To avoid your card being disposed of in the recycling bin, ensure the cards contain a substance about your company’s services.

3. Avoid Sales Temptation

Holiday cards use the finely crafted lines to connect with potential clients and customers as they provide sales pitches. It is a big turn off when your clients come across coupons or promotions on the company’s holiday card. Try as much as you can to make it informal. You can use holiday cards as a marketing plan, but let them not be a sales opportunity.

4. Personalize Your Card

You can create a feeling of belonging with your clients by adding company photos to visualize the company’s face. The majority of people feel connected with a business when they come across as people versus buildings. You might include videos and handwritten notes for a deeper connection. If you had any memorable earlier interaction, your card could consist of it. Always make the client feel the message is more of an individual message than a mass mailing. 

5. Use Caution with E-Card

The digital connectivity, e-card, has grown to fame over the years. For a successful e-card, you will have to break through the company’s firewalls. The customers will have to click on the messages after they land to their inbox; otherwise, they might fall to a junk folder. With the advancement in technology, physical mail is becoming cluttered, hence more likely. You can combine the traditional holiday paper cards with digital marketing tactics such as a QR code on a particular item, such as video greetings from one of your staff or a holiday gift. 

Sending seasons greeting Christmas cards has been there for centuries. It has helped a lot of businesses create connections with their clients. Always ensure the message is relevant, has some value to the recipient, and creates a personal appeal. The cards not only pass the wishes but also create awareness and loyalty between clients and the company.