The benefits of jogging in the colder months

During the winter months the natural reaction for many of us humans is to stay inside the house with its cozy heating. This can be the case with even the most avid jogger who would usually be running a few times per week to stay in shape! However, it really is worth getting that extra motivation to continue running outside over the colder months to not let your good work during the rest of the year go to waste. For many joggers that may sound easier said than done. 

How do you stick to your workout plan over the colder months and why does it make sense to do so? 

Remember to prepare properly 

Before you decide to head outside for an autumn or winter jog, it is important to prepare well. This will not only make you less likely to suffer an injury but also make it more comfortable and help you perform to your best. Clothing is perhaps the major thing to think about here. As the colder months mean darker nights, remember to wear a reflective wristband or high visibility clothing to stand out in the gloom. You should also wear clothes that keep you warm without making you too hot. Naturally, if it is really cold outside then you may need a hat and gloves.  

Many people also layer up to stay warm and comfortable when out jogging in the colder months. Compression wear is great for this. By using compression wear you will give your body gentle support that will reduce stiffness during and after exercise. There are many types to choose from but even a base layer top can help reduce the effects that the cold has on your body when out jogging. Tommie Copper is one of the biggest names in compression wear to think about using – find out more about them at

Once you are ready to go what are the main benefits of running outside during colder months

More calories burnt 

This is perhaps the best thing about jogging outside when autumn and winter hits. The colder temperatures makes our bodes shiver in response which then burns more calories. In addition, the colder feel at that time of year makes you jog at a brisker pace which will also help you burn more calories. In simple terms, our bodies work harder when jogging during this part of the year than they do in the warmer months. 

Builds mental strength 

To achieve the most from any exercise plan, you need to be mentally tough enough to keep it up long term. Being able to push on through barriers and to exercise when we are not in the mood is essential to stepping up a level in performance to hit required goals. Jogging outside in autumn and winter is perfect for building up this extra mental strength and getting used to overcoming any problems which could derail your goals. By pushing yourself to get out and brave the elements, you can become more mentally resilient.

Less heat stress on body 

We all love running when it is warm outside, but this can actually put heat stress on your body as it gets hotter. Running when it is cold outside totally eliminates this issue and is actually better for your health. Your body will be less weighed down by sweat and less affected by heat which makes it easier for you to jog. In the long term, this will help you run for longer and feel better after reaching the finishing line. 

Helps to stay in shape over winter 

Many individuals are great at sticking to a jogging routine over the summer and using it to remain healthy. Come winter though, they use the cold weather as an excuse to ditch it and overindulge in too many food treats! One benefit of continuing to follow your jogging plan over the winter is that it will keep you healthy all year and avoid you piling on weight over Christmas and New Year. It will also stop you from turning into a couch potato over October and November by enabling you to stay active. 

Winter running is worthwhile 

Running during the colder months of the year – a period of around four months – is a good idea not only for your general health but also your mental wellbeing. As the above shows, it is really all about preparing properly and thinking of all the benefits it brings.