Steps to Take While Finalizing a Tadoba Vacation Plan in a Tadoba Accommodation

Generally, people plan vacations in a big way and they choose the usual tourist destinations. Most of you are obsessed with the idea of a lavish island getaway, a luxurious cruise, or a trip to the mountains. But if you are looking for a really enjoyable and enriching experience, you must think in terms of a National Park vacation.

A wildlife sanctuary is supposed to be a protected area and a heritage site that is usually run by the government departments responsible for the maintenance and preservation of these exotic National Parks. You could opt for a National Park vacation as they are recreational, thrilling, fun-filled and also pretty much educational. It could give you the much-needed respite from the hectic city life. You could enjoy the unmatched serenity and scenic beauty of the place.

Switch to the Travel Mode & Get Ready for Everything

When you are freezing your plans for the Tadoba National Park vacation amidst the boundless natural beauty and far from the madding crowd, you need to prepare yourself for every possibility.  There could be frenzied temperature swings, sudden cloudbursts and there could be various possibilities that could spoil your holiday mood and disrupt your plans. So you must be prepared for all kinds of eventualities and start taking effective steps well in advance. Always carry a raincoat, a warm jacket, an additional pair of boots, or an umbrella. Meticulous planning is required to combat all issues.

Make Your Hotel or Resort Reservations Ahead of Time

Many of you are adventurous and wish to enjoy a wildlife vacation by camping in the National Park. However, even though that sounds quite enticing and thrilling, it is always a safer option to make a reservation in one of the reputed Tadoba National Park resorts if you are traveling with your family. Resorts are far more comfortable, rather luxurious and safer place to enjoy your vacation.

You may be in an adventurous mood but a vacation is not only about the thrill, it is also about relaxation and rejuvenation. If you are so keen on it, you could opt for a camping experience just for a day. Book your resort or hotel room well in advance. During the peak season, the top resorts and hotels are all filled up several months in advance. Once you know your exact travel dates, make your hotel reservations after a thorough research and comparative analysis.

Plan All the Fun Activities You Would Like to Participate In

Tadoba resorts offer a host of fun activities for you and family. Apart from taking a stroll amidst nature’s boundless beauty, you could get to do many adventurous and fun-filled activities. Opt for a thrilling jungle safari with tour guides or rangers. Do not forget that Tadoba Wildlife Sanctuary has the highest TSI in India. You could encounter a marvelous and truly majestic Royal Bengal Tiger. Moreover, you may get a good opportunity for trekking, kayaking, fishing, boat tours, and many other fun activities. You could enjoy bird watching by going to the Tadoba Lake.


Do not come with any time constraints. Enjoy a super-relaxed vacation at the Tadoba Tiger Reserve. Enjoy everything at a cool pace so that the enjoyment is double and surely memorable. If you try to enjoy too many things at one go, you will miss out on the real fun. Enjoy a leisurely drive through the National Park and feel the overwhelming natural beauty all around you. Stay for a few days and see the difference.

Author Bio: Sita Patel is a US-based photojournalist who runs her own blog. Her blog posts are all mostly about her experiences and travels. She is thrilled with the idea of a wildlife vacation at the pristine Andhari Tadoba Wildlife Sanctuary and she recommends advance booking in one of the luxurious Tadoba National Park resorts. Visit for detailed information.