Give Light to Your Home- 6 Interior Lighting Tips for Each Room of Your House

It is undeniable that lighting serves as one of the most important elements in interior design. Aside from the fact that choosing the right lighting for your home will improve a home’s functionality, it will also create a cozy feeling and welcoming ambiance. However, different rooms also mean installing different lighting fixtures to complement to it.

Whether you are looking for chic and cutting-edge contemporary light fixtures, transitional lights, or something more traditional, you will have no shortage of them as you can find a stylish and high-quality lighting solutions for your type of room nowadays.

You only need to remember these two rules of thumb: You should have a blend of different types of lighting at different levels to give a pleasing ambiance, and you need the right task lighting for various home activities such as reading, cooking, and dining.  

Here are some tips for switching on the right lighting for the six key spots of your home.

Illuminate Your Foyer

The foyer is the part of your interior that will first likely garner some attention. So you need to install a mix of ambient light and an accent light sources for it.

For example, place a flush-mount or a semi-flush-mount light to provide both decor and illumination for your foyer. If it has a vaulted ceiling, dare to make a statement by hanging a chandelier and pendant lantern for a more theatrical effect. If there is a side table, place a table lamp as a secondary light source.

Highlight Important Aspects of Your Living Room

There are a lot of activities that occur in the living room. For instance, it is the place where we hang out with our family, relax with our guests, and entertain ourselves with movies and books. As such, it needs a combination of ambient and accent lighting for it to have the right illumination.

For accent lighting, you can place track lights for you to highlight a painting, antique ceramics, or whatever major pieces you would like to showcase. If you have a centerpiece like a mantel, you can mount wall sconces to either side to give prominence to it.

For ambient lighting, on the other hand, chandeliers, pendant lanterns, and torchieres prove to be great options. A torchiere, for example, floods the ceiling with light. It is an excellent option if you don’t want to install permanent lighting. You can also add dimmers to control the amount of light and provide a different ambiance.

Season Your Kitchen with Lights

The kitchen is the place where one of the most important aspects of domestic life happens: cooking. As such, you need various lighting solutions for it.

For a more targeted illumination, install under-cabinet and recessed lighting fixtures over your sink, counters, and stove. You can also mount a track lighting fixtures for you to angle and spotlight specific areas of your kitchen.

Give Sparkle to Your Dining Room

It’s meal time! For you to gather in more people, make sure to make your dining table the brightest area in your room.

For example, hanging a chandelier is the most traditional option and the best ambient light source. But if you opt for a more contemporary overhead light, hang a pendant light as a pleasing alternative. You can also provide your dining room a subtle glow with a couple of table lamps on a sideboard, or you can mount sconces on the wall above. For elegant and high-quality table lamps, you can browse sites like LampTwist for it.

Add Shimmer to Your Bathroom

Lighting a bathroom has become more sophisticated. For example, when you are dressing up, it is important to have sidelights such as a pair of sconces on each side of the mirror. For overhead light, choose a bathroom ceiling fan that provides both ventilation and light.

Provide Elegance to Your Bedroom

When lighting a bedroom, giving it a calm ambiance should be on top of your mind. For you to achieve this, a ceiling fan and flush-mount or semi-flush-mount light are a big help. For task lighting, you can place table lamps at the bedside table for reading at night. Also, a hanging light fixture such as a stylish pendant light is an ideal option to give your bedroom its desired elegance.


An excellent choice for lighting will not only provide the necessary light to each part of your home, but it will also give ambiance and elegance to it. Thus, it is important that you know of the various lighting fixtures suitable for every room because it can surely make the overall feel and design of your house.