Four Ways to Become More Spiritual

Many people seek to become more spiritual and become more at peace with themselves. This desire has fueled an entire industry claiming to help people achieve this. Some of the tools being marketed by this industry are legitimate and some are merely cash grabs. As a result of this confusion, many are left without the proper guidance with which to start their spiritual journey.

There are many ways to become in touch with your own spirituality and each person’s journey is different. With some guidance, you too can begin your journey. Some suggested steps are as follows:


We live in a very fast-paced world where few people actually stop to think about their lives and life in general. This leads to many feeling disconnected and stuck in a cycle of satisfaction.

While it is possible to ignore these feelings or numb them with mindless entertainment, one way to begin your spiritual journey is to begin meditating. Choose a time in your day where you have a few minutes to spare. During this time, find a quiet place to be alone with your thoughts. You can reflect on your day or a specific moment in your life. Some people choose to meditate on quotes or passages from religious texts as well.

During this time, avoid distractions by turning your phone off and be in a place where you are alone.

 Four Ways to Become More Spiritual

Write down your thoughts

One of the reasons why people walk around with pent-up emotions is that they never take time to process their thoughts and feelings. To combat this, buy a book and each day, write down your thoughts, feelings, and reactions. This could be about how you feel in general or could be about your emotional responses to specific occurrences or people.

The more you write down and acknowledge your feelings, the more you will understand how to process them and respond to the world around you.

If you want, you might choose to seek further therapy and counseling. In this case, the journey will be much easier as you have already begun writing down your thoughts.

Read books

No man is an island and no single person has all the answers. There are a number of spirituality and mindfulness books on the market from retailers like theworks.

Research each book before you buy it and read the reviews. When you find some that look promising, purchase and read them, remembering to take notes and reflecting on them in your free time.

 Four Ways to Become More Spiritual


Not all people are religious. If you are, it might be a good idea to study religious texts, speak to a religious leader, or become more involved in your local religious community. This could be one you already belong to or a brand new community to join. Many people find peace and support for their spiritual journey this way.

It is not uncommon for people to struggle in their spiritual journeys because they lack the right tools and guidance. Rather than getting swept up in the latest fad or trend, take time to begin your spiritual journey through meditation, self-reflection, and adequate research.