Can Pawanimal add character to your home?

PawAnimal is a print shop website that designs custom gifts, posters, and almost anything you can imagine getting a print on. We’ve all seen print companies dotted around online, particularly when we’re trying to find a humorous birthday present for a friend. But, can they offer any substantial value and style to your home? 

PawAnimal’s product line

Like with many printing companies, PawAnimal has a wide array of products to choose from. The fundamentals of the site are t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, posters, and stickers. However, there are also some more unique options, such as phone cases, blankets, cloth face masks, tote bags, and sweatshirts.

The website focuses particular attention on animal lovers, nature lovers, and family quotes. A drawback to the website is that you have to search manually for the item you want. Whilst this does effectively work fine, there’s no option to browse by product categories – so you may be unaware that they print on a certain object. Instead, they want you to search designs, and then discover what they can be printed on after.

In order to assess what they can add to the home, we have to search for decorative posters. With 45 results for “poster”, there’s a good amount of choice. Whilst there are some humor-based poster designs, many are in fact sincere, which is promising if you’re looking to add authenticity to your home.

PawAnimal’s designs

With some religious choices, along with animals, beach, cartoons and political, there’s plenty of options for choosing a poster that represents your personality. Posters are often seen as a teenager bedroom thing to do, but if you get the right one and place it in a frame, they can really bring a room to life. 

Furthermore, if there’s a particular quote that really strikes a chord, this can be a great way to tell people about yourself through your interior design. A home without decorative posters can be stylish, but it can often lack a more specific expression of your personality.

For anyone looking for abstract art or world map posters that they want to hang up, PawAnimal isn’t the place for you. Designs range from artsy to text-based, with a particular emphasis on animals. 

Generally, the dimensions available for posters are (in inches) 17×11, 24×16, and 36×24. As you can imagine, a 36-inch poster is big enough to be the main focal point of a room – easily becoming a centerpiece of a bedroom when hung above the bed. The smaller sizes on the other hand are great for dotting around the home, like on the wall halfway up the stairs.

The Verdict

If you have an ultramodern home or a minimalistic interior, then PawAnimals will have a very limited selection for you. Hanging posters, in general, may break up the space you’re trying to create, but equally can become a powerful centerpiece when framed correctly. If you’re looking to bring a spark into the home by expressing some personality or your love of animals, then the website provides good quality posters for a reasonable price – just be sure to make use of the manual search.